According to the Financial Associated Press, the BMW Group recently announced that by the end of 2021, it wants to open 5,000 charging stations throughout the world.

BMW also claimed at the Sustainability Summit last month that by the end of 2021, 360,000 charging piles will be created in China, including 150,000 rapid charging piles. 

The BMW charging stations will span over 50,000 kilometers of roadways across the United States. highway. By the end of 2022, BMW will invest in the building of 100 “three-in-one” charging stations for photovoltaics, charging, and energy storage. 

BMW is also collaborating with State Grid Electric to construct public green charging stations. BMW owners will earn green power certification in the future if they charge at State Grid-certified green charging stations. 

However, according to IT Home, Tesla has currently opened more than 25,000 supercharging piles around the world in terms of charging station building. According to the data, Tesla has opened more than 870 supercharging stations in China, with a total of 6,700 supercharging stations.