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Facebook has just made it easier for users to transfer data across several social media services and platforms.

Just over 3 years ago, precisely in 2018, most of the big tech firms including the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Google came together to launch what they called the open-source Data Transfer Project (DTP). DTP was primarily aimed at making data transfer across services and platforms as seamless as possible for customers.

In line with the project, Facebook announced TYI (Transfer Your Information) – a tool that allows for easy export of posts, notes, and even media contents to other platforms of one’s choosing. Now, however, Facebook has revamped TYI, adding several new features and increasing the number of destinations for data transfer. 

Facebook has clearly stated its intentions for rebuilding TYI from the scratch in the past few months. They claim that the focus this time, is to make the tool more intuitive so as to simplify the user experience. Amongst the new destinations for your data exports are the newly added Google Calendar and Photobucket, and it is now also quite possible to export Facebook Events Data.

Another thing that has been introduced is that now, there is more transparency as regards displaying the status of each transfer. What this simply implies is that, should a transfer fail for whatever reason, it is now easier to retry such transfers. Also, one can now initiate multiple transfers to the same destination, even simultaneously. More filters have also been added, hence a more granular control for users over whatever data transfer they want to make.

One very interesting point that Facebook has made so far, however, is that although they are currently working with developers and other firms to add new destinations into which safe and secure data transfers can be made, they are also actively working hand in hand with government agencies and relevant regulatory authorities to carry out some investigations. The investigation is all about finding who exactly is to bear the responsibility for data in transit. 

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