Marvel Studios launched the final trailer for its upcoming movie ‘Eternals’

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The final trailer for the Marvel Studios’ move Eternals has been launched. The movie is directed by the Oscar-winner Chloe Zhao. The movie essentially is about the titular beings and not the usual superheroes that MCU fans are more familiar with. The beings have been able to successfully live on earth for over 7000 years without being detected. The Eternals were created by entities called Celestials, and they are burdened with the task of protecting the earth from the Deviants and other evil beings.

The final trailer is almost 3-minutes long and it finally reveals the questions that have plagued the minds of the fans ever since the first trailer of the movie came out. After Thanos destroyed half the population, the Avengers were successful in killing Thanos by going back in time to save everyone.

The most pertinent question that was raised after the trailer for the Eternals was released was that if the Eternals are tasked with saving Earth from imminent danger, why they did nothing when Thanos wiped out half the population. The trailer provides the answer that the Eternals were ordered only to get involved in case of a Deviant attack. The trailer also reveals that it was undoing Thanos’ snap that unleased the Deviants.

Although the Eternals is an MCU movie, its tone and style are significantly different from that of the Avengers movie. Previously, the series Loki confirmed the existence of the multiverse, and Eternals signals the expansion of MCU.

After the end of the Avengers series, and likewise, the end of the other solo-superhero movies, such as Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, MCU gave the fans miniseries depicting the lives and adventures of Wanda-Vision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and of course Loki. Eternals looks like the biggest MCU movie after 2019’s Avenger’s Endgame.  

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