WhatsApp users have been experiencing crashes while using WhatsApp beta for Android The new WhatsApp Beta for Android is a new updated Whatsapp, which has new features that include the disappearing feature.

The disappearing mode will be available in a future update. The feature is under development, so it’s not ready for the public.

However, several users are experiencing crashes when using the WhatsApp beta for Android, in particular when opening the camera or status updates.

It is on this note that many users have been clamoring for the updates of the new Whatsapp so that the bug can be fixed in a new update soon.

According to some reports, after some screenshots from WhatsApp for iOS and, after the validation from Mark Zuckerberg and Will Cathcart, WhatsApp is currently working on the disappearing mode for chats and groups.

The disappearance mode is a new privacy feature that will automatically convert new chat threads to ephemeral chats! It will be available for beta testers in a future release.

WhatsApp beta for Android is the fastest and most easy way to send messages from your phone to any contact or buddy on your contact list. The only stipulation is that everyone else has the app installed on their own mobile.

WhatsApp is currently compatible with almost all mobile operating systems, including Android, iOS, Symbian, and Windows Phone. As a result, you’ll be able to use WhatsApp to interact with any of your friends, regardless of their device model.

WhatsApp users may send each other text messages, voice chats, links, and photos.

The ability to effortlessly build and administer groups is one of WhatsApp’s most interesting and widely utilized features. Any user can join any group as long as the group’s creator has invited them, and they can leave at any time.


Yusuf Balogun is a 400level law student and Campus Journalist from Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto. He is a guest writer for Qwenu online media platforms and current Principal Editor Gamji pressboard.