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A report has revealed earlier this morning that some Chinese scientists have developed a new type of bowl-shaped micromotor, using self-developed microfluidic chips for microrobots.

According to the Institute of Mechanics, using self-developed microfluidic chip technology, the Institute of Mechanics’ study team recently constructed bowl-shaped micromotors with varied concave/convex surfaces, which is distinct from past research restrictions.

The micro-nano robots capable of autonomous movement have been rapidly developed in the last ten years, according to reports. Their main power sources are micro-nano motors, with micro-bubble drives being the most efficient.

According to the research team, the micromotor that generates bubbles from the convex surface and advances toward the concave surface has a higher speed.

The findings give a theoretical foundation for using a typical form of micro-motor in micro-robot applications, as well as a new notion for managing the driving mechanism of the micro-motor and the dynamic behavior of the micro-bubbles by shape.

The Microfluidic chip systems are designed at micro levels, and there are channels through which electric current can go. It is defined as a group of canals or an integrated circuit in which channels through which fluid, air, or heat pass through microfluidic channels range from a few µm to several mm.

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