Yesterday, the California state agency sued the Electric car manufacturer Tesla for enduring discrimination against black workers at the Tesla San Francisco Bay area factory, replicating a few other unresolved cases against the Elon musk owned electric car maker. 

The case was filed in Alameda County Superior Court, following the engagement of hundreds of workers through complaints, said Kevin Kish, head of the state’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

According to a report by Wall Street Journal, the state department, which is responsible for enforcing state civil rights laws, ” put in place to found evidence that Tesla’s San Francisco factory is a racially set-apart place where black workers are put through in racial abuse and separated in the workspace, and also the things which are biased only for black workers are starting rise, which makes the place an antagonistic working ambiance,” Kish said in a statement with the wall street Journal. 

Moreover, in a statement a few days before the lawsuit says, Tesla called the suit is misleading, and the firm “has never once raised any concern” regarding its factory policies and practices following a three-year inspection. The abstract of the lawsuit hasn’t been revealed yet, but also, the silence prevails on the Tesla side, and they didn’t promptly issue a reply to the accusations.

The blog post further told that the lawsuit seems to aim at the allegations with the concern of production associates at the factory Bay, who said in agony that the lawlessness came about between 2015 and 2019.  In October 2021, a San Francisco jury awarded roughly $137 million to a Black factory worker who shared his grievances with the authority members.

The contract workers had gone through daily racist sobriquet; he also heard a couple of cuss words that are sensitive among black people at the factory in 2015 and 2016, before resigning the Job. This incident provoked other black workers who tolerated the disgusting things for long days to voice their rights.  

Meanwhile, Tesla neither denies nor accepts the accusations. An official blog post from Tesla says that the company “has always been indoctrinated and immediately laid off the employees who take part in wrongdoing, including those who use racial swear words or harass others.”

However, terminating the employees wouldn’t be the apt solution to the racial slurs. Instead, they could have conducted workshops in the workspace regarding the deportment of employees on and off the space. 

The Electric car manufacturer, Tesla, has been struck with many allegations by workers of sexual abuse and racial separation at the Fremont plant. We would say a large number of workers who are facing harassment and discrimination don’t reach the law because the company demands its employees to agree to all the terms and conditions. Which eventually stops them from raising their voices.

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