Korea Will Be the World’s 1st Country to Formulate Fiber-based White OLEDs

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South Korea has been introducing many new tech industries to the world and we could also call it the tech hub of Asia even though it’s not the one that was bestowed with that name, but there is no wrong in addressing South Korea like that. Recently, South Korean researchers have developed the world’s first fiber-based white organic light-emitting diodes, or WOLEDs, after a meticulous study on them. It paves the way for futuristic wearable gadgets in society.

The study was made in the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and the institute itself confirmed the research that’s being outsourced to the visionary environment. As we all know, OLED is made of an organic compound that emits light in response to an electric current, and it has been used as a materialistic component to create digital boards in devices including television, monitors, and consoles.

fiber based woleds 1
 fiber-based WOLED and a microscopic image | Image credit: KAIST

According to KAIST, the group of researchers has come up with a single, dip-coated white emission layer appropriate for a fiber structure to make the fiber-based WOLEDs. While doing it so, the team decided to scrutinize the study and eventually puzzled out how to carry out the WOLEDs on a string of fiber through simulation and optimization of the white spectra.

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Afterward, placing the WOLEDs on a string of fiber is been a tiring task as it was made up of a tandem structure, which is considered two or three times larger than a single-stacked structure of an OLED of three necessary colors: red, yellow, and blue (RGB).

As we developed an essential technology that was missing in the field of electronic fiber display, we expect that it will allow the realization of high-quality electronic fiber display.

Hwang Yong-ha, lead author of the research.

Pointing out to WOLEDs are compatible with full-color display and can be used in the fashion sector and predominantly in vehicles design.

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