5 Best AI Chatbots to Ask AI Anything

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Artificial intelligence is one of the most powerful inventions of the 21st Century. And the best part is that we’re not even close to discovering the full potential that AI provides. From content generation to human-like interaction, there is a lot that AI-based tools have to offer. But one of the most important functions of this software in today’s world is how seamlessly they answer different types of questions.

Through special tools known as chatbots, AI can simulate human conversations through natural language processing models and machine learning to provide answers to questions. Are you looking to engage in a chat with AI software and ask factual questions? Then, it would help if you knew which chatbots are the best for corresponding and answering questions.

In this article, we will highlight how chatbots work and explore some of the best software that delivers AI chat, like HIX Chat.

hix ai chat

How Do AI Chatbots Work?

AI chatbots are highly sophisticated software tools that utilize machine learning algorithms to answer questions from human users in their natural language. These bots are created using pre-programmed scripts, allowing them to detect stored conversation models and respond to them in real time.

The catch with AI chatbots is that they learn over time through user interaction and update their answers through back-end access to credible online sources.

Most companies now use AI chatbots as a form of customer service system that replies to basic human queries and forwards more complex issues to human representatives. However, the best and most comprehensive AI chatbot tools are those that operate as stand-alone software and are not limited in their functionality.

Top 5 AI Chatbots for Random Questions

Using search engines to get answers to your random questions is not as seamless as using AI chatbots. With the former, you’ll need to click on and scroll through different web pages for your answer. But with AI chatbots, the answer is presented to you in the form of an easy-to-read conversation.

That said, no two AI chatbots are the same. In fact, some are considerably more powerful and intuitive than others. Below are five leading chatbots that you can ask anything in the world.

HIX Chat

hix ai

The HIX Chat is the brainchild of HIX.AI, a top-rated artificial intelligence company with dozens of tools at its disposal. Users take advantage of HIX Chat to ask questions, summarize articles, and even generate content. One of the key features of HIX Chat is that it runs on both GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, thereby guaranteeing better performance and an ability to interact with images.

HIX Chat also operates under the OpenAI language model but offers advanced query techniques and a more sophisticated information database. From recommendations to ethical compliance, HIX Chat promises a conversation experience that is safe and very human-like. Interestingly, you can ask questions for free or use your HIX.AI subscription to unlock more features.

With HIX Chat, you can ask questions and receive answers in 30+ languages. The tool also has impressive integration capabilities that allow you to operate it as a Chrome extension or within your other browsers.


Arguably one of the most popular chatbots on the list, ChatGPT is developed by OpenAi and functions as a free AI response generator. Its base function operates with the GPT-3 model, and if you’re looking to get more features and datasets, you will need a paid upgrade to the GPT-4 model.

ChatGPT is very intuitive and comes with a very flexible interface. Users get to enjoy a highly conversational tone and access to a monstrous catalog of the latest information across the world. One factor that makes ChatGPT easy to use is that it stores conversations and even marks them with AI-generated topics for easy access.

Jasper Chat

Jasper AI was one of the first generative AI software to hit the market with a specific focus on helping writers create online, natural-sounding copies. Today, the brand operates Jasper Chat, which functions as a text-based artificial intelligence assistant. Like most other top chatbots on this list, Jasper draws upon billions of data points to provide a response to your individual questions.

It offers access to information in 30+ languages and also has a large knowledge base on niche issues. Unlike HIX.AI, Jasper requires a subscription before you can access the features in the Jasper Chat. However, you do get a free trial for about seven days. With Jasper, you also enjoy improved privacy. This means your data is not stored, but it may also imply that users cannot train the AI tool for their specific queries.


Another top-performing AI-powered chatbot is ChatSonic. The chatbot is developed by Writesonic, a notable generative AI brand for writers. With ChatSonic, you can enjoy the full extent of GPT-4 capabilities. Compared to ChatGPT, which offers pre-developed content information, Chatsonic has access to Google Search, providing you with the most current information possible.

Another impressive aspect of Chatsonic is its AI Art functionality. The tool allows you to create artwork and images for your personal use. In addition, the AI chatbot is equipped with a Chrome extension feature, which allows you access to generative AI on the go. Even better, Chatsonic is trained to understand and process voice prompts, giving you more ways to interact.

Google Bard

As the name suggests, Google Bard is an AI-based chat tool created by Google. Unlike any other chatbot in this article, it is powered by the PaLM 2 next-gen language model, which promises the best of Android machine-learning capabilities. With Bard, users can generate creative content, translate multiple languages, and even write code.

One thing, though, is that Google Bard is still in its developmental stages and typically lacks the organization that other chatbots offer. While Bard primarily operates on a stand-alone user interface, it is being integrated into Google Workspace tools like Docs and Gmail. Thanks to its parent search engine, the AI chatbot provides perhaps more up-to-date information.

Final Thoughts on the Top AI Chatbots to Ask Anything

If you’re on the lookout for AI chatbots to ask any type of questions, you won’t get options better than those on this list. Most of the chatbots run on GPT-4 or PaLM 2, the best language models available today.

The exact chatbot you choose largely depends on your type of questions. For historical or creative questions, tools like ChatGPT may be your best option. If your questions require the latest information, chatbots like Bard are perfect. AI chatbots like HIX Chat, however, are equipped to provide answers to both forms of questions and even more complex queries.

Overall, you may want to consider several additional factors like pricing and integration capabilities when opting for one AI chatbot above the other. Regardless, the five chatbots listed above are your best bet for any and all questions.

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