Maulik Pandya

Maulik Pandya is a lifelong Analyst, Founder of Evince Development & Eatance. He has good knowledge of Coding, Business Analysis, Providing Enterprise Solutions, Project Management, Sales Consultation, Marketing, Operation Management, Talent Acquisition, Mentorship, and Leadership. Apart from his professional life, he is a good Husband, a Father of two beautiful Daughters, a Generous Friend, a Garba Lover, a Zumba Enthusiast, a Blogger, and a Helping hand to everyone.

Responsive Web Design: Why It Becomes a Crucial Approach for the Business

Responsive websites adjust to all screen sizes and resolutions, including desktop, mobile, tablet, and television. Responsive web design is by no means a novel idea for web developers, but it doesn't make it any less significant today than it was ba...
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