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Email marketing might appear quite simple to implement, which it is but to get proper results, you must know the ways of evoking the right responses. The simplicity of the marketing technique often makes people believe that it is less effective than some new marketing techniques like social media marketing, but the truth is that email marketing is as strong and effective as before.

The only problem is the lack of established best practices in email marketing that gives an apparent feeling of being less effective. Just by sending out emails at random, you gain nothing unless you can target specific groups of the audience methodically by understanding their needs. The most crucial consideration in email marketing is to decide whom you communicate with and what would be the best way of doing it.

Creating an email list to include all and sundry consumers is just an essential requirement that needs some refining. This would help to group the subscribers into various categories by evaluating the nature of their responses to your marketing emails.

Different subscribers would respond differently to your emails, and even some subscribers would not respond at all. It is vital to classify subscribers according to the nature of responses so that you can figure out what should be the most appropriate manner of communicating with them to keep them engaged.

The professional email marketing experts at Kotton Grammer Media advise its clients that they must be very objective about the email marketing goals and work towards achieving it. It does not help if you compose the same message across different groups because it would belie their expectations and result in disruption of communication.

You have to create specific types of communication for each group of subscribers by knowing what they expect from you. Just as you would not be speaking in the same way as a child and adult, you must communicate to the audience by knowing the group to which it belongs.

This is the reason that you must segment your email subscriber list correctly before launching the campaign. In this article, we will discuss how to create subscriber groups according to responses received and ways of improving responses.

Subscriber groups

By looking at the nature of responses of subscribers, it is possible to create different groups. Broadly, you would come across two types of responses that lead to the formation of subscriber groups. At the extreme ends of the spectrum you would find some people who never open your email, despite agreeing to subscribe to it and at the other end, there would be people who open emails, click on links and make purchases.

Some people who open your emails but do not proceed any further could comprise another group of respondents. For all practical purposes, you would come across the following four types of subscribers to your emails. For identifying the types of responses and grouping them, you must use some analytical tool to gather and analyze subscriber data.

The responders

After gathering data about the responses to your emails and on analyzing it you will get a clear picture of people who have responded to your emails. This group is most prospective for marketers because it has responded positively and raised hopes of making business happen.

This is the group of responders that you should give maximum attention due to its business potential. As they open your emails, it is a clear sign that they take an interest in your products and you must take the lead further so that it results in effective conversions that can bring revenue. Make plans to cater to their requirements so that they feel satisfied and come forward to move along the purchase funnel. Offer special discounts and allow them to sneak previews exclusively so that they feel privileged and move ahead to make purchases.

The openers

All subscribers who belong to the group of responders are not the same because they respond in different ways. While the primary response is critical, you must analyze it further to assess the possibility of responders taking some positive action. Unless subscribers take positive steps beyond the primary response, it does not add value to the business. However, all responders would not be eager to move ahead instantly after opening emails, and you must treat them as a separate group naming it as the openers. You have to follow up with them and encourage them to take some action after opening emails.

New subscribers

New subscribers who have just signed up for your emails and might or might not have responded would comprise a separate group. These people are strangers to you because you hardly know anything about their behavior an expectation. You have to pay special attention to this group to find out the answers.

Make some special offers for them to grab their attention and attract them to move ahead to take some positive action. Create an engaging email communication that demonstrates the special attention that you are paying to them and shows your eagerness to bring them in your fold. It is likely that you receive a mixed response to the offer. Some subscribers would surely come forward to stay engaged, and you can gradually move them over to the group of responders. Monitor the responses closely to segregate the responses and chart the future course of action.

The deadbeats

Non-responders have a special name in email marketing parlance, and you can call them deadbeats. These people ignore your emails and never open it. Despite not opening emails, they are essential to you. Instead of considering them obsolete outright, try to figure out in some way to know what they want. Since these people are not responding to emails, try out other methods by throwing stones in the dark to see if you can make some headway in communicating with them.

Keep trying your tricks for some time before deleting them from your subscriber list. Having created the groups, you can now create communication strategies for specific groups to turn them more productive.

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