3 Best practical ways to grow your business with technology

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If you plan to grow your business with technology, you need to know Microsoft licensing and workstation performance. Many companies opt for a professional service provider to manage such things. And that is most likely the best approach.

However, just as a doctor can’t diagnose you if you don’t tell them your symptoms, IT professionals don’t know what your business needs if you don’t know yourself. To that end, let’s look at some practical ways to grow your business with technology.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is great. Well, some social media is great. A business would pay for a promoted ad on Facebook and call it a day not too long ago. That was enough to generate business. Things have changed dramatically.

Consumer opinion is one of the biggest changes. For some consumers, an ad on Facebook is a deal with the devil, and they will actively decline your product or service because of it. So Facebook as a marketing tool is dead. It’s funny because even the less disgraced social media platforms lose ad reach.

Like we said, times have changed. The most effective online marketing to grow your business with technology is personal. It is part of the boom of the ‘online influencer.’ People buy products promoted by people that they trust or like. But how do you get an influencer on board? You pay them. You don’t have to target a Kardashian to make an impression. Just look for influences with a few thousand followers on platforms like TikTok.

Never use Email as a marketing tool. People will only mark your company as spam.


But first, a word of caution, automation is a fantastic tool for specific, repetitive tasks. As Elon Musk described, robots and AI outperform their human counterparts when a particular job involves repeating the same steps. The most advanced AI is beyond rubbish at tackling a problem it has never before encountered.

With that clarified, parts of your business can benefit greatly. Naturally, production benefits from automation. Those jobs are what Musk described. However, the cost of entry might deter smaller businesses. Robots are super expensive. That is why we advise a modular approach.

A team consisting of human workers and robotic equipment is more cost-effective and covers more of the risk factors associated with either option. Robots are precise. Humans can improvise. It is the same way that a human employee is crucial to make sense of the automated information on a computer,

Apps, Apps Everywhere You Look

Does your business have an app? It really should to grow your business with technology. Yes, we know that an app does not directly benefit your company. Some services don’t translate to an app. However, that is a good thing. Users don’t want an app on their phone that’s sole purpose is to get a quote on floor tiles.

Instead, brainstorm what you could do to make an app with functions related to what you do. For example, consider the app by one of the major paint supply stores. You know the one. Their app doesn’t show you a bunch of boring colors. Who would want such an app?

Instead, their app uses augmented reality to let you use your smartphone camera to see how your walls will look in a different color. That is fun and an app one might keep on your phone for just that reason.

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