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13 Reasons Why You Should Hire Android App Development Company From India

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With over 77 percent market share, Android OS rules the smartphone market. Worldwide, entrepreneurs see the great potential in the platform and want to leverage all its business benefits. But then, with over 3.3 million apps on Google Play, it is a herculean task to draw the attention of millions of users toward your business app.

Chances are fair that an app similar to your app is already available, and therefore, you need to come up with a unique, feature-rich, and user-friendly Android app for your customers.

These days, Android application development services are thriving with the advent of technological advancements. The cost of developing an enterprise-grade app also increases in line with the growing competition. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you need to think about maintaining the subtle balance between the performance and affordability of your app. You can serve this objective by selecting a top Android app development company in India.

You may raise the question: Why should we look at India for building a customized Android app? Well, you can get an enterprise-grade app in a cost-effective way if you are hiring Android app developers from India. But, this is not the only reason. Here we mention thirteen benefits of selecting an India-based Android application development company:

1. Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction

The intensifying competition between new and established IT firms in India is beneficial for corporate clients because every company keeps focussing on satisfying the global clientele irrespective of industry sectors and project size. Mostly, Indian app developers follow the client-centric approach by putting emphasis on the quality check and usage of cutting-edge tools. All you get is a user-friendly and interactive app.

2. Flexibility

The most important benefit of outsourcing your app project to India is you get flexible hiring models. The app development service providers offer hiring models that suit your project requirements as well as the budget. What’s more, if you want to increase or decrease the size of your developers’ team, you can easily do so at any point during the development stage.

3. Scalability

It is easy for you to meet the deadlines even if you want to integrate new features during the development phase. It is possible because the Indian app developers offer the facility to scale up or down your team of developers. Also, if you need to modify or extend the scope of your project, it is possible with excellent scalability.

4. Timezone Advantage

This is one of the biggest benefits for your business especially if your company headquarters are on any continent except Asia. Even after the closing of your office, the development of your business app continues in India. It enables you to focus more on the development phase as you are free from office-related activities. The time difference also enables you to reduce the TTM (Time to Market) for your app.

5. Communication


Indian app developers can communicate in English with ease. You may not face any difficulty in making them understand your business requirements and objectives. Also, Indian app development companies believe in real-time communication and the developers give you regular reports regarding your app’s progress. Effective communication holds a key to success for your Android app.

6. Expertise

Do you know that Google tries to increase the number of Android app developers in India? Today, out of more than 2 million software developers, about 50000 are developing mobile apps. With good domain expertise, most of these developers have a minimum of 2 years of experience in developing mobile apps. Indian app development company usually offers a blend of experienced and fresher developers for your app project.

7. Transparency

Indian app developers are known for their integrity and transparency. You can get rid of any hidden charges during the entire process. Also, the developer’s transparency can assist you to take a real-time decision without any hassles. Do you know many Indian mobile app development companies get the repeat business? It is because of their integrity, fair dealings, and transparency.

8. Security

App Security

Indian app developers give the utmost importance to your project’s confidentiality and safety of critical corporate data. You can get an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) duly signed by the developer. The NDA can enhance the safety of your app concept as it prevents showing off your project in the development firm’s portfolio. In other words, with the NDA, you can keep your project and related information safe.

9. Cost-effectiveness

When you are hiring Android app developers from India, you get the right balance of quality and affordability. The Indian app developers just charge $25 to $45 an hour which is way less as compared to their American and European counterparts where the minimum hourly rate is around $150. It is fair to mention that cost-effectiveness is one of the important factors to consider India as your preferred app development destination.

10. Diversity

When you hire an Android app development company, you can get end-to-end solutions because many Indian IT firms provide all services like app development, web development, web app development, and digital marketing. You can get benefit from such diversity as you need not find other companies or service providers for app marketing or other IT-related services.

11. Control

Indian app developers can provide you complete control over your project. The team works as per your direction and direct guidance. You can strategize the process and the team implements it. You can also share your inputs real-time and the team will include them. In other words, you get your own team away from your office.

12. Resource Management

India is a country of young, talented developers and engineers. Just like other industry sectors, the IT sector in India has excellent resource management in place, and you can get a team capable of handling your app project irrespective of its size and features. Necessary scalability and flexibility of the developer’s team is also an outcome of better resource management.

13. Development Partner

An enterprise-grade mobile app development process, whether it is for the Android or iOS platform, is an ongoing process. Once your app is launched, you cannot keep it as it is for years. Regular update and maintenance are essential to keep your app ready to tackle the growing competition by addressing the customer’s needs. In such a scenario, you need an app development partner. Many Indian app development companies are capable of being a long-term technology partner who can handle your IT-related requirements with ease.

If you are still not convinced to hire Android app developers from India, you can consult a reliable and reputed mobile app development company in India.

Factors to consider while hiring an Android app development company

India has gained fame as a global IT hub in recent years. A few metro cities quickly convert into the IT hub as many IT companies have been established. Most of these companies offer mobile app development services for all the major platforms. In India, it is also possible that the company, to which you assigned a web development project, can develop your business mobile app for the platform of your choice.

App Development Company

But here, you need to be cautious. Many mobile app development companies can offer you dirt-cheap rates for developing your Android app for business, but it may result in the compromise in the app’s quality and overall performance. Therefore, you need to take extra care while hiring an app development company in India.

Here are some noteworthy aspects you can keep in mind to select the right app development partner from India who can give your app the best services for a long time:

1. Make a questionnaire

It is necessary for you to know the level of expertise and knowledge of market trends of the mobile app developers you want to hire. You can make a questionnaire to serve this objective. Remember, your questionnaire should cover all the aspects you want to know from them. You can take the help of employees and stakeholders in making a questionnaire.

2. Rely on references

Though you can readily get the list of top Android app development companies in India on the Internet, it is always better to ask your peers who have already developed a mobile app for their business.

You can have different top development companies in the different lists online, and it is fairly possible that though having excellent track records and a large portfolio, these companies may not suitable for your app project. Therefore, it is advisable to ask those who have already got their apps from Indian app developers.

3. Meet your developers

All the reliable app development companies in India allow you to meet and communicate with their developers. You can also get real-time reporting. It enhances the collaboration and you can get an optimum outcome of your app project with ease.

4. Check a portfolio

Checking a portfolio can give you a chance to peep into the developer’s work. You can get an idea of their expertise and also find whether they have developed an app similar to yours. The portfolio is an excellent tool to show the developer’s insight and app development experience.

5. Contact their clients

Even if you are satisfied by looking at the portfolio, it is advisable to contact the developer’s few clients. You can ask for their details from the developers and communicate directly. It gives you a clear idea about the app developer’s customer-friendly services and overall experience throughout the development process.

Along with these aspects, you should focus on the capability of integrating technological advancements. A few renowned Android app development companies can integrate futuristic technologies like IoT and AR (Augmented Reality) to meet your business needs more effectively. Also, you can get no-obligation quotes from some mobile app development companies in India to compare the cost.

Android app development cost in India

Indian app developers take the lowest hourly rates for building high-quality apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Just like iOS apps, the cost of a customized Android app also depends on two major and interrelated factors: Complexity and duration. An Android app with basic features is known as a simple app whereas the app with robust and complicated features is called a complex app.

Thanks to the low hourly rates, you can get a basic Android app at just $5000 in India. A complex app can cost you above $40,000 depending on the features and other functionality.

However, it is fair to mention here that the app development cost indicated here is just an estimate. When you consult an Android application development company in India with your project requirements, they can give you an exact quote on app development cost. Also, before handling your project, you should inquire about other post-release charges like app marketing cost, maintenance and support cost, etc. because such costs are usually not included in the development cost.

Concluding Lines

Building an Android app for your business requires a lot of effort, time, and money. When it comes to developing an enterprise app with necessary features in a tight budget while meeting the deadline, India should be your choice to select an Android app development company.

We offer the best-in-class Android app development services. As a leading Indian mobile app development company, we have served a global clientele with customized IT solutions. You can also hire Android app developers to avail the benefits of exclusivity and affordability.

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