How the cloud is innovating the energy industry

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In the past couple of decades, cloud computing has come to play a key role in business innovation, and its potential still seems boundless.

The cloud has revolutionized communications, control, and data analysis, not just for businesses but also for individuals, city councils and education institutes. For the energy industry, in particular, the cloud has introduced entirely new ways of generating and distributing energy and given greater control to the consumer.

Here are a few ways that cloud computing has impacted the way the energy industry operates.

Better Connectivity

Thanks to cloud services, consumers can now connect remotely to their homes and enjoy greater control over their energy consumption. For example, sensors can monitor the temperature in a room and upload that data onto the cloud. Homeowners can then access this data and switch their devices on and off remotely. This can considerably reduce energy wastage and therefore lower their bills.

This concept can also be used for commercial properties as it is estimated that on average 30% of the energy used is wasted in these buildings. This presents a significant opportunity for building owners and managers to monitor usage when the building is empty and save money on overheads.

By giving businesses and individuals better connectivity to their properties, the cloud has allowed people to enjoy greater control over their energy usage and as a result, waste less energy and save money.

Data Analysis

Energy companies can use the cloud to ensure better monitoring of energy production processes. The old system relied heavily on manpower and carried the risk of human error, whereas new automated systems can measure production automatically and upload the data to a central cloud service.

The modern way is cheaper, faster and more reliable, giving an accurate measurement of data and allowing for better analysis. This helps energy business owners to identify unproductive areas, decrease operating costs and improve overall efficiency.

Advancing Renewable Energies

Renewable energy is a growing sector, with high targets to hit before 2030, and the cloud can be a huge factor in helping the industry to progress. As this sector is using relatively new technologies, different elements of these can be collated, mapped and analyzed using the cloud.

For example, potential issues and areas of advancement can be shared in a fraction of the time between different companies. Not only does this allow standardization and clear lines of communication, but it also encourages an integrated future so we can all advance towards a common goal.

Other Technologies Transforming the Industry

These various ways of introducing cloud technology to the energy sector are arguably all for the same purpose – to cut costs and increase efficiency. It’s not unusual for a business to look for ways to reduce overheads, so it’s worth mentioning some of the other innovations too.

For example, companies like Weir have developed flow control systems, designing and manufacturing valves and pumps for global power generation. Along with this, they provide specialist support services from a network of engineers, with expertise drawn from all over the world. They combine this premium level of connectivity with performance testing and site surveys – showing that integration and international communication is key to streamlining an energy company.

The energy industry has an exciting future ahead thanks to the technological innovations that are continuing to revolutionize how the entire sector works, for both businesses and individuals. With so much potential, we can surely expect many more advancements, cost savings and productivity in the years to come.

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