Breaking down how an intranet solution helps your company

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If you’re a business owner, you might look around these days for solutions that can make your company run smoother. Covid-19 has forced many businesses to reexamine their strategies, and some have found new tools that have enabled them to bypass traditional or outdated ways of doing things. Technology can often assist your endeavors. An intranet solution would be one example.

In this article, we’ll explain what an intranet software solution is, what it does, and how it can help your business not just stay afloat during the pandemic but thrive and dominate your niche.

What exactly is an Intranet Software Solution?

The word “intranet” refers to a restricted or local communications network. Most companies use one when they want a private business network that only their employees can utilize.

Intranet software varies in terms of what comes with it. You can get customizable packages that have all types of different features, depending on what your company needs. For instance, you might get one that’s HR-oriented, or perhaps you’d prefer one that lets international workers interface with your American workforce.

Microsoft 365 Integration

When companies start to look at intranet solution options, they often want one that is Microsoft 365-compatible. Microsoft 365 is a popular software suite, and lots of companies like to use it.

If your business uses Microsoft 365, and you were looking for a new intranet solution, it wouldn’t make much sense if the two couldn’t work together. Luckily, several of the ones that exist today can seamlessly integrate with this platform so that you can utilize features from both at the same time.

What About Other Integration Capability?

Generally, as you’re looking at the different intranet software packages on the market, the more integration capability they have, the better and more useful they are. You want one that can work with any third-party apps that your business likes.

You also want one that can hook up with RSS feeds with no problems. If it can also connect with external training sessions that you use during onboarding or for something similar, that’s even better.

If you’re looking at a stand-alone intranet software setup that doesn’t play friendly with any third-party apps or other software suites, that’s not going to be your best choice.

Social Media Compatibility

Regardless of what your company makes or what services it offers, you more than likely need a social media presence. If you are not active on various social media platforms, some entities won’t bother doing business with you.

Because of this, you want to be sure that your intranet software package is social media-compatible. You need your team members to be able to connect with your intranet software suite. But you also want them to reach your social media feeds from there.

Once you have this connectivity, you know that your team, or whoever you put in charge of your social media, can answer any customer queries right through the intranet setup. You can also make product announcements this way. If you have a social media manager, make sure they like your intranet software suite and know how to use it.

YouTube and Vimeo

You might use many different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and so forth. Lately, many companies have been YouTube and Vimeo-focused.

What’s so useful about Vimeo and YouTube is that they are not as demographically-narrow as other social media platforms. In other words, there’s a wider age range that uses them.

It’s highly likely that you’ll want to use them if you’re trying to attract new customers and keep your current ones. You can integrate them into your intranet software suite. Once you do so, you’ll reach many new would-be customers, and you can attract them with some engaging new video content.


You also want an intranet software suite that you can utilize to make companywide announcements whenever necessary. This is definitely much more efficient than trying to call all of your remote workers or retaining a master email list and reaching out to them that way.

Simply put, the right intranet software suite can be your company’s nerve center. You can also get one that has top-of-the-line security features. That way, you’ll know that no unauthorized individuals are seeing your sensitive worker communications.

You can use the platform to praise your workers when they do well. And you can even use it to brainstorm if you want their feedback on any challenges the company faces.

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