How Long Does It Take To Rank On Google?

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The Evolution From Simplistic to Complex Marketing Strategies

People have opened their hearts and minds for centuries as business-minded individuals who go back centuries, even during Biblical times and many moons before this. Bartering goods and services is a way that many individuals still do business. A friendly handshake made a man as good as his word. This is how conducting business was done. There was no such thing as marketing until companies started to fiercely compete for the same customers.

As our forefathers began settling throughout the Americas, these settlers, who had a special gift as business entrepreneurs, began opening simple brick and mortar storefronts to sell their goods and services. In those early days, business owners recognized and quickly realized that if they did not get the word out about their goods, services, and special deals, there would be no profit through the growth of their customer base. Marketing was uninvolved and straightforward.

It was commonplace to see vendors coming through town with horse-drawn carts that sold goods on the spot. The vendor would yell and shout while standing on the cart seat, drawing attention to what they were selling. This was a form of marketing for that entrepreneur. When that vendor was done, he would pack up and move to the next settlement.

We still see this type of private and independent business in cities across America. We call them street vendors. Depending on the town’s size, you can see more or less of these vendors on street corners selling their goods.

Perhaps the business owner hired a young man to wear a sign over his shoulders and march up and down the rough dirt road, letting individuals know that the doors were open at a new business and they should come on in and see the fantastic deals. This was a form of marketing in the good ole days.

As the years passed, business owners did their own marketing. One of the oldest plans was printed marketing. A business owner advertised in paper form, creating a sales message for the public. Wall posters were utilized.

Soon, the 4Ps of marketing came into play that targeted the place, the price, the product, and the product’s promotion. The 4Ps ensured the business owner had a visible product or service that consumers could not do without.

Simple marketing strategies took very little time away from the business owner. As time passed, owners came up with newer and more crafty marketing techniques, of which some are still utilized today in the 21st Century.

  • Giving out promotional gifts
  • Free samples
  • Mailing lists
  • Coupons
  • Sign Spinners
  • Catchy slogans

In the late 1980s, computers came on the scene, and the Internet was gradually introduced globally. It became possible to get the word out far and near about businesses in seconds for the first time. In 1994, Netscape was born, providing business owners with the first successful mass-marketed browser.

The Evolution of Internet Marketing and SEO Agencies

From 1994 forward, computer technologies continue to evolve and improve. While many older business owners prefer the more straightforward and more traditional marketing options, they have no choice but to jump on the internet bandwagon to learn how to improve their marketing skills through these new technologies at the risk of being left behind and having to close their doors.

The business owner no longer has the time or the skills it takes to market their business as in years past. They have a company to run that demands most of their time. Besides, it now takes skilled SEO professionals with many hours of internet training to market companies, assuring that these companies grow, prosper, and remain in business for many years to come.

Marketing in the 21st Century is all about picking and choosing the right keywords that place a business on page one or two in Google’s rankings. Most business owners do not have the skills to do modern-day internet marketing or have the time to market their company successfully. They need lots of help.

New internet marketing companies are springing up throughout the globe because they realize this dilemma of successful internet marketing and that it is a full-time job. The aspiring business owner is hard-pressed to find and hire an individual (s) whose job is to successfully market a company.

That is where a successful SEO Agency can help in the growth and profitability of any company. More companies are turning to and hiring these SEO agencies to ensure that their company continues to prosper and grow.

Many SEO agencies target specific industries such as the law or medical arena and become trusted and skilled marketers in that particular industry. Internet marketing is becoming more complex and fiercer. SEO agencies must keep up with the demand that businesses have to present themselves on page one or two of Google rankings.

Google rankings are so important because when a consumer is looking for a specific product or service, that consumer will search for a particular business through the Google service. Consumers do not appreciate hunting all day, and most will read through the first or second pages of Google, and few read beyond page three of Google’s list of business rankings.

Companies that find a higher Google ranking see more consumers directed to their business websites. Thus, if that company can remain on the first or second page of the rankings, it will witness tremendous profit growth.

Most business owners do not know how to get their business into Google’s higher ranks, nor do they have the time to learn these marketing strategies. This is where a trusted and highly skilled SEO agency knowing the art of SEO comes to the rescue of companies that yearn for continued profitability.

What is Bearing does SEO have on Google Rankings?

We do not expect the business owner or their staff to know about the importance of Search Engine Optimization or SEO because of its complexity. Many factors can influence a law firm’s ranking on Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERP).

In a nutshell, an SEO agency that caters to the marketing needs of law firms uses skilled tactics in digital marketing that helps drive traffic to the specific law firm’s website through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing and places the company into a high-ranking Search Engine Results Page or SERP.

It is the responsibility of SEO agencies to evolve and constantly update a company’s website. The business owner has a company to run and does not have the skills or time for these highly complex marketing strategies that are now a demand for a company to remain viable.

Simple changes such as changing color, a font, or adding to or deleting a text on a website can drive more traffic to the website. Google is forever evolving and testing out its SERP.

As a seasoned and highly skilled SEO agency, at no time would we not recommend SEO to any law firm. However, SEO must produce a substantial return to make it worth that law firm’s time and money. We must propel that law firm forward to keep it in the higher rankings.

Higher rankings are not only about SEO. Other factors are involved, such as,

  • Geography (major metro areas or rural areas make a big difference in search volume.)
  • Consumers may search more for one law practice area than they would for another.
  • The population of practice areas is a significant factor in driving website traffic. Consumers may search for one law practice more than another.
  • Referrals drive traffic.

It does not matter how long your firm has done SEO, changes constantly occur that demand your attention, and you do not have the time to give to SEO, and that is where you need a skilled SEO agency to look after these factors.

  • We constantly update keyword research.
  • We decide which keywords require a unique page.
  • We find out what consumers are searching for.
  • We determine which keywords should be grouped together and which ones lead to conversions.
  • Google must know that we are skilled in SEO and know where keywords should be placed in practice area pages or blogs.

Google considers many unique and personalized factors before ranking a website. These factors are basically unknown. However, we know that Google likely looks at a person’s search history for specific law practices.

Google takes a long, hard look at unique search queries of specific law practices before deciding how to rank on google that firm. Every law firm website’s goal is to sit at a high rank, and again, this may take years to accomplish unless you hire a skilled SEO agency to meet these needs.

Google is a massive company with a vital need to hire excellent and skilled contractors to evaluate search results and report back to Google to make changes to its algorithm.

In 2019, Google released its guidelines and updated them on what these contractors do. This is helpful information for SEO agencies to know what Google looks for when ranking law firms. Our responsibility is to make sure that your website meets specific criteria because if it does not meet this quality, your website will not rank on Google. A higher ranking drives more traffic to your firm’s website and is critical for increased profits. Without this, it would be difficult for your firm to remain viable.

There is a concern that Google can and does penalize websites. In this case, Google sends a message to your account. If you receive no notice, then you are not suffering a penalty. It is our responsibility to make sure this does not happen. Penalties occur when your rankings significantly drop. This means that a website is not optimized to the best practices of that industry.

As a skilled SEO agency, we know what consumers search for and keep updated on changes. Consumers are catching on quickly that if they want to search for a specific law practice, they will use the city and the particular law specialty, such as “New York City Negligent Accident Attorney.” Keywords have become more precise in the consumer’s mind.

Google looks at the type of keywords used and if they are explicit or implicit. For example, the keyword requires you to use “New York City Negligent Attorney” or “Negligent Attorney.” We believe that it is necessary to use explicit keywords to tell Google where you want to rank.

As digital marketing evolves, consumers rely not only on their PC or laptop but also on their smartphones when needing to search for anything. Improvements in voice-activated searches and texting are now commonplace.

Google always knows where you are, and it is no longer necessary to enter your location in their search engine. Google is working to make searches more personalized in addition to looking through your search history. Many consumers believe that this is an intrusion on their privacy. However, this is the way our new digital technologies now target marketing techniques.

How Long Does It Take To Rank On Google?

Each company has varying degrees of needs, desires, and goals. The SEO agency’s responsibility is to know each company’s unique needs, desires, and goals, as no company is marketed the same as another.

Law firms nationwide are in fierce competition to place high in Google’s rankings. Law firms must understand that spending less money on complex SEO tactics brings fewer results than spending more money and reaping higher profits. In this digital age of marketing, there is little room for an incompetent SEO agency that charges tons of money and does no work.

SEO takes a lot of time, effort, and skill to reap success. This success can place a law firm in high ranks on Google, where they remain for at least three years. However, it may take that law firm years to rank #1 on Google.

When you hire an award-winning SEO agency to market your law firm, we work hard to place you at the top of Google’s rankings. We do not take years to accomplish this goal. We,

  • Find out what your potential client wants to learn. This demands we develop a FAQ page addressing consumers’ most commonly asked questions searching for your specific law practice.
  • We utilize helpful website content such as the placement of informational videos, infographics, educational materials, eBooks, and anything likely to help the searcher.
  • We take all possible advantages to place your content on other websites such as YouTube, article publications, conference websites, non-profit sites, and FaceBook, linking these back to your firm’s website. This networking process significantly increases your chances for new clients, thus growing profits.
  • You need to know your audience and what they need, the types of cases, zip code locations, and demographic information. It is vital to your firm if you can define your potential clients because this is how you answer specific needs.
  • The reference of time is vital in advertising but not relevant to SEO content. The question arises as to when a potential client wants to be contacted. Does the potential client need an immediate response, or is a response at a later time OK?

Instant chat sessions on law firm websites answer the need for immediate contact. When a client reaches out to you, they are in search mode and have likely reached out to other law firms, and the competition becomes fierce for that potential client. It is vital to make contact with this person. Why should they chase you down? They can go elsewhere if you show no immediate interest in contacting them.

Considering what this new age of digital marketing demands, you can now better understand the vital importance and necessity of hiring an experienced, skilled, highly trained, and trusted SEO agency to meet your marketing needs. Your firm and its growth potential demand you do expert digital marketing.

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