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Emails are an efficient way to communicate with your consumers. Email marketing has always been included as the best method of advertising. Your email subscribers are the people who always receive notifications about a new product or an upgrade through emails.

Therefore, the success of your business depends greatly on marketing and promotion through email. Nowadays, online marketing has taken its toll on traditional promotion (TV, Radio, and newspapers) although social media has greatly influenced the email marketing. Facebook and Instagram are ways to connect thousands of people at once. Yet email marketing remains an authentic way to promote your product.

Why Should You Use Emails?

You must be wondering why you should spend time on emails when you can do the same on social media platforms. The answer is quite simple. You get to personally address each person and put a personalized signature. The email receiver can easily connect to you through an email. Let’s go through other points why email is still preferred:

1. Emails have a sign of authenticity from the business owner so that the customer doesn’t feel like he/she has been spammed.

2. Emails are free of charge and easy to use. Also, there are no significant changes that can make things worse.

3. They are secure and keep notifying you in case a new device or another location has been used to hack in.

4. You can store files without your computer memory becoming full.

5. As a promoter, you need to instill trust within consumers or target audience, and email seems to be better than social media.

6. Also, it seems social media dies off within a few years, but email has been here for a long time.

Main Ways to Attract More Subscribers

Your business needs to grow and expand. Online expansion is also significant given that people love to live their life on the internet. People are shopping for clothes and groceries via the internet.

It is comfortable for people because they can shop whenever they want and whenever they feel like and things are delivered to the home. Online expansion using emails looks like a good plan. The best thing to be done is to try to increase your email subscribers. Let us see how you can do so:

1. Discount

People always love things at a discounted rate. If you send emails talking about some special discounts during festivals, people will take time to open the email and read. There is heated competition among online sellers.

Therefore, your discount would be paid attention to. Just make sure that the discount is real, the product is of good quality, and your email talks about all the necessary details.

2. Email signature

Most of the times, people don’t even bother to open emails and read. Other times, such promotional emails reach the spam mail. When you add an email signature, your email is genuine. It would not reach the spam mail. Finally, people would believe you and subscribe for it.

You may create an email signature yourself, but you might want to check out NEWOLDSTAMP for professional email signatures. They have a record of high-quality email signatures creation. There are many companies like Forbes, Marketing land, and Templatemonster which have used Newoldstamp and now recommend you to use it. It is quite cheap.

Pricing starts from $24 per year to $99 annually. You can also create a free template. They have their packages according to the size of the business and according to your need for email signatures. Their signatures are simple, compelling, and revitalizing. They even provide help in updating or changing your already existing email signature.

3. Social Media Subscription Request

Yes, we said that emails are better, but there is no doubt that social media is a more natural way to reach out to many people. You may use your social media following to increase email subscribers. Whenever you are putting a promotional post, add a link where they can sign up for email notifications. Also, it is easy to share stuff on social media.

4. Offer DIY tips

Even when you are selling the ready-made product, it is a good idea to provide DIY tips. People love to save up money and make the product themselves if they can. You must be thinking that this idea is leading you towards loss.

On the contrary, this helps to create brand loyalty, and many people won’t be able to make it, or they are lazy; therefore, they will end up subscribing and ordering.

5. Free webinar

You may host a free webinar to connect with many people and talk about your area of expertise. Webinars and seminars always have a good way to increase your knowledge about a particular field. Such webinars also add value to people’s CV. Therefore, people would attend, and your subscribers will become two times more in no time.

6. Training sessions

You may offer training sessions to train prospective business owners. Training might not be the best option to double up your email subscribers, but it is the most effective. The people involved have no choice but to subscribe to the email. They can be six months to one-year training. You need to make sure that this training you are offering has a positive outcome and that it comes with a certificate.

7. Not too many emails

Sometimes promotional emails become annoying, especially, when written too many (more than 1 per day). People are waiting for important emails and, here, your promotional email pops up. This would lead to unsubscription from emails. Also, if your emails do not make any sense and the content is useless to people, they would again unsubscribe you. Instead of increasing, your email subscribers would decrease.


There are many more ways to increase your followers like giving special incentives, free shipping, or free product (but pay for shipping only) and giveaways. We all love free stuff, and thus, this would be the perfect way to attract the audience. Make sure your emails have less text, more pictures and have the ideal email signature. Use these tips and see your subscribers double.

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