How to Make a Room Cozier: 5 Tips From Designers

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We all love our house and want it not only to look beautiful but also to be practical and cozy. If you also want to make your house or apartment cozier, then you probably need this article with tips from real interior designers.

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Get Rid of Unnecessary Things

Your house is not a warehouse or a lost and found office, so it’s time to finally disassemble the cabinets and throw away all the accumulated junk in the name of comfort.

Sort out the clothes: hopelessly spoiled and frankly old things have a place in the trash, and those that seem to look decent, but just don’t like them, you can try to sell at Online flea markets. Clean up the drawers with cosmetics and household chemicals. All the spoiled things are down, it’s not worth using this.

The same story with household appliances. A constantly overheating mixer, and an iron with a frayed cord rewound with electrical tape, seem to be trifles, but with frequent use, even small flaws begin to irritate. At this stage, your goal is to get rid of everything that bothers you or gets on your nerves. A home is a place where we rest from worries and worries, so at least let nothing infuriate here.

Add Unusual Details to the Interior

A sterile clean apartment, where everything is literally on a ruler, is not for life. To get rid of the feeling that you are in a hotel room, small details will help.

Photos, paintings, an unusual tapestry, or a napkin tied by your hands — such trifles add personality. Your home is a reflection of your interests and tastes, so do not hesitate to express yourself.

Add New Interior
Home Inside Interior | Image credit: Unsplash

The only thing to keep in mind is functionality first of all. For example, a rug with a long pile may look nice near the sofa, but you will regret buying it a thousand times when you clean it. The same story with the abundance of figurines on the shelves — first you need to remove them, then wipe the dust, then put everything in its place … Try to find a reasonable compromise in choosing between beauty and convenience.

Keep It Clean

In order not to kill for cleaning all weekend, break it down into stages — it’s easier than trying to cope with what has accumulated over the week in a day.

Here is an approximate plan of daily affairs. You can add other tasks and change the order of their execution. The point is that maintaining cleanliness is a constant process, not a feat every two weeks.

Room Cleaning
A Young Women cleaning bed | Image credit: Unsplash
  • Monday: clean up the bathroom and arrange the laundry.
  • Tuesday: iron the washed clothes.
  • Wednesday: wipe off the dust.
  • Thursday: Vacuum the floor.
  • Friday: wash the stove and get rid of the food left in the refrigerator.

Get Indoor Plants

First of all, it’s beautiful. Plants can make even the most dreary apartment cozy. Secondly, they purify the air, so if you live in an area that is not the most environmentally friendly, you cannot do without green friends.

Indoor Plants
Indoor Plants | Image credit: Unsplash

Sansevieria (pike’s tail), spathiphyllum, and ficus Benjamin perfectly cope with air purification. They do not require complex care, so they are suitable even for those who do not have a relationship with plants.

Fresh Air

If there is nothing to breathe in the apartment, it is pointless to talk about a comfortable atmosphere. Make a rule to regularly ventilate the rooms, you can even arrange through ventilation: open all the windows for 5-10 minutes — and it’s gone.

Keep an eye on the humidity of the air. A hygrometer would be useful here, but you can also cope with improvised means. Pour cold water into a glass and leave it in the refrigerator for a few hours until the water cools to about 3 ° C. Put the glass in the room away from the batteries and see what happens to it next.

If you feel that it’s hard to breathe at home, your throat is constantly drying out — this is a sure sign that it’s time to get a humidifier. When choosing, pay attention to its volume and evaporation rate. Ideally, the device should be able to work all night so that you don’t have to turn it off or add water.

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