4 New technologies that will blow your mind

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Technology has been moving at a fast pace since the invention of the computer. Are you curious what the next great breakthroughs in technology will be? Here’s a list of five new technologies that are guaranteed to blow your mind!

Virtual Reality Gaming

The technology in video games has made massive progress in recent years. The Nintendo Wii console is known as the first modern video game device to bring motion sensors into the technology. Ever since the development of the Wii system, gamers have been requesting better virtual reality (VR).
To bring this goal to reality, many video game companies have created goggle devices that allow users to enter the virtual reality environment. Samsung and LG have already produced inexpensive VR headsets. Sony also launched the PlayStation VR system, which introduces highly advanced virtual reality features.

vr games
Credit: Unsplash/ @insungyoon


Marty Mcfly made the concept of a hoverboard famous in the film Back to the Future II. Since the release of that film, there have been some technological advances in these types of items.


Some products will soon be on the market that will appeal to Hoverboard fans. Hendo 2.0 is one of these Hoverboard-type items. This device does not include wheels and utilizes a magnetic field to generate the effect of levitation. Move over scooters!

Wearable Touch Screen Devices

Telephones and cell phones used to be devices for pure functionality and convenience. In recent years, they have become computers in your pocket. Everyone has a smartphone these days. But what’s next in the industry?

wearable touch screen

Companies are beginning to create technology that gives people touchscreen technology on their arm. For example, the Cicret Bracelet provides customers with several features that are similar to a modern Smartphone.

Cicret’s technology will project the user’s Smartphone content onto their arm from the bracelet. The device is waterproof, which allows you to use the device while in the bathtub! How convenient is that?

Heart Monitors That Fit in Your Wallet

Many people have apple watches or smart watches that keep track of their vitals. What you may not know is that the heart rate monitor on your friendly little wrist watch is not very accurate.

heart rate monitor

The newest addition to keeping track of your vitals can now fit inside your wallet. According to DaniWeb’s review, this credit card heart rate monitor is better at telling a user their heart rate than the latest Apple watch.

Ear Device That Translates Languages in Real Time

In this internationally-connected world that we live, language barriers are among the only obstacles to global communication. Imagine having a device that could translate what you are hearing from one language to another in seconds!

Wavery Labs has created a device that you plug into your car called The Pilot. These ear devices are quite small, discreet, and come in many color options. This new technology item that will blow your mind is compatible with a handy Smartphone app.

The technology is still in its early stages, but it is capable of translating French, Spanish, Italian, and English. This type of technology is sure to improve in the coming years and will only grow.


It is impossible to predict where technology will head in the next century, but this is a sneak peek at what may be available in the next few years. We truly live in an amazing time full of useful and entertaining gadgets.

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