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Your image of a design agency may consist of nerdy creatives who create mind-blowing designs that look like a futuristic interface from a Star Trek film. Today’s design agency focuses much more on the simplistic design though. That may seem in conflict with some things you read about how design makes or breaks a company, but there’s no conflict in that.

Most website visitors base their opinion of a company on its website. That is the criteria of 75 percent of web users.

Design Truths 

That does not mean you need a groundbreaking design with neon and flashing lights. That means you follow the example of many sales funnel landing page designers and design something simple, easy to navigate and super-fast loading.

Do you know those rather plain-looking, boring pages that contain a single video and a ton of text interspersed throughout the page in paragraphs of three to five sentences in length? Those are the pages that web users really love.

Let’s think about why. Most people surf the web on the go now. They use their cell phone or tablet. That means they’re loading web pages on 4G or 3G speeds. That can be speedy until they run out of high-speed access. Then, on an unlimited plan, their access speed gets slowed down to about 128 Kbps. That means you need to design for the masses of people who have what amounts to glorified dial-up – again.

The good news is that with CSS, HTML5, Javascript and the .asp system, you can still craft a quick-loading, beautifully functioning page. Today’s digital agency uses cutting edge code to create pages that could load quickly on 1990s computer equipment. Instead, it will load on a smartphone that has the computing power of a computer from the 1990s or 2000.

 Make it work well. 

More than a design agency, you’re hiring a user experience or UX design agency. As Steve Jobs like to put it, “Design is how it works.” When you conceive design as an artist, you need to know how to make it work as a developer.

Those tiny paragraphs called tripwires offer small nuggets of information that build on one another similar to the news pyramid style of writing used in print newspaper. It delivers the five basic facts – the what, who, when, where and how – in the first paragraph. Each paragraph thereafter adds facts in descending order of importance.

Put user needs first

The overall page design puts the user first. It puts them first by making sure the page loads in less than three seconds. They are not waiting any longer.

Apply consumer psychology

You also need to design for emotion. That does not mean tug at their heartstrings. It means use consumer psychology to order the page and its content to draw in the visitor. Order its content according to their hierarchy of needs. Pleasure begins with function.

Create a visual guide through the sales funnel

Use big data to determine your design and its order. Data tells you what to include and where to place it on the page. These design-driven decisions lead the user visually through the sales funnel.

Provide staffing infrastructure

You reach this design point by using solid infrastructure in the design process. The infrastructure refers to the people, not the code. Your solid infrastructure consists of the technical staff that codes the site, and the back-office support to deliver on the sales products. Your infrastructure marries the marketing strategies from your marketing plan to the web site on which your final products appear.

Your UX design pulls this all together to deliver your information and products in an integrated method. Your seamless design makes it easy for every user to use the site. Today’s digital agency provides its clients with designs that offer each user a quick, efficient way to find and access what they need.

You do that by merging the best of parallax design and responsive design. That means that you combine the best aspects of those seemingly never-ending web pages that dump all of the information on one page and a responsive design that loads quickly on a mobile device and fits perfectly within its screen.

Remember that today’s business takes place online. In a world all about e-commerce, your website is your business. If your website does not work well, neither does your business. So, nix the pop-ups, organize information according to what people who know nothing about your products would look for, pick suitable colors that aren’t jarring and apply search engine optimization to your back-end and content. Your UX design agency moves more people into your clients’ sales funnels using the tenets of today’s design agencies.

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