Role of IoT in the making of Smart Cities

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A city can be called a smart city if it has integrated information and communication technology to a certain level in its daily governance and operational processes. The integration of these technologies is to increase efficiency, share information with the public, improve services to the community or improve the welfare of citizens.

Internet of things (IoT)’s function in realizing the smart city concept is vital. IoT devices are capable of sending information and performing follow-up over the network with minimal human intervention, thus performing various functions automatically.

In urban life, facilities such as parking meters, information markers, CCTV, and traffic signs already have chips that connect. That is what is called that IoT is very integrated with life.

A smart city runs like a business chain. This means that in the smart city, there is a competition to gain residents’ recognition, get investors, tourists, and even additional funds from the central government.

A city that wants to keep up with the times must be brilliant, study the conditions, and, most importantly, be increasingly connected. IoT is helping to realize this smart city at scale.

IoT is changing the way smart cities work

Research conducted by Gartner mentions that there are 5.5 million new “things” that are connected every day. Starting from everyday devices such as smartphones and sports bracelets to interactive information boards on the streets.

IoT from this aspect looks like something that is very expensive and requires a significant investment. But of course, the advantages are also comparable.

IoT is changing how a city runs. The town is no longer the monopoly of the elite bureaucracy but has penetrated various circles in various transit points. The development of innovative technology that has been carried out for the past five years has contributed to developing a “blueprint” on how smart cities will be realized in the next decade.

Examples of IoT and smart city synergies can be seen for rental transportation management, bicycles for instance. In big cities that provide free bikes, the handling is not easy, mainly so that the facilities last a long time.

Bike lock technology is a solution offered by IoT. This technology uses a proximity lock to lock and activate bicycle use for the general public. The system will synchronize with the borrower’s smartphone and send a GPS signal at the next stop.

Both the private sector and the government can monitor through the system to improve its management. Providers can even perform real-time updates while simultaneously displaying the availability of bicycles that are not being used. Examples of cities that use this technology well are Amsterdam and New York City, with abundant bikers.

But since there’s a risk of a connected device, you may need protection as well. By exploring the internet, you let yourself be exposed to the various security risks. Hackers could easily get your vital information as long as you don’t have enough protection.

That’s why you need a VPN service. macOS is one of the top VPN services that can always protect you from harm. If you desire another layer of protection, get the best service using macOS VPN.

The obstacles

Although many parties are trying to realize a smart city concept, it does not mean that there are no challenges to knowing it. One of these challenges is the high price of the device that is quite difficult to obtain.

In addition, not all regions in the world have adequate infrastructure to support the use of IoT. The local government needs to provide information technology infrastructure as the first step in realizing a smart city. After good infrastructure, each region can create a kind of data center or command center.

Another challenge that must be faced is to prepare the community to accept changes towards digitalization. Remember, the purpose of developing a smart city is to facilitate services to the community.

Therefore, when the government has presented information technology-based services, the community must be ready to use them to maximize the services provided. Telling about the benefits of IoT through television programs or public service advertisements can be the best option to spread the information.

There’s always a room for improvement

The innovative technology of the internet of things, just like the one above, is just the beginning. In the future, smart cities can become more sophisticated through the integration of various things. The use of technology opens up potential opportunities to make big cities more functional and comfortable for residents and tourists alike.

And what’s more, the government has made it easier to manage the city in question. The city government must make plans and do a short duration of implementation. This is because technology is developing rapidly.

The security aspect is also a responsibility for which concrete solutions must be found. So that when the smart city is already running, there will not be many public security problems that may occur. And security here is physical and cyber security, such as the protection of user privacy and private data.

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