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Sony PS5 Game Console Prototype (new 3D model)

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In just four months, Sony will introduce its new PS5 game console during PlayStation Meeting 2020, as a leaked memo revealed earlier this year. After the official introduction, it will take several months before you can buy the Sony PlayStation 5. Nevertheless, you can assume that the game console will be launched for the lucrative December holidays, just like the Xbox Two. As the unveiling comes closer, more and more details are gradually becoming known about Sony’s newest PlayStation.

What can you expect from the Sony PlayStation 5

Last week Alex Cranz published a revealing publication on gadget and technology website Gizmodo, based on a series of tips and photos that the site received during the period from June to August 2019 from a game developer currently working on a new game title for the Sony PS5 and the Xbox Two.

This publication shows, among other things, that the 3D product renders that LetsGoDigital designed in August 2019 from the Sony PlayStation 5 Dev Kit, based on a series of patent sketches, are broadly correct. Shortly after our publication, another game developer confirmed this information via social media, who had to remove his Tweet shortly thereafter.

Gizmodo has received two photos from the informer, showing the design and the colors. Although the photos have not been published (to protect the informant), a detailed description has been given. It was stated on the console; “PROTOTYPE 1 NOT FOR SALE.”

Various gamers have approached LetsGoDigital and have asked them to design new product images based on this information. That is why our design team has decided to get back to work on the design, to bring an even better visualization of this special PlayStation console.

The top is shiny silver and the front and the ventilation holes on the sides are made of black plastic. The five buttons above the disk drive actually turn out to be three buttons and two LED indicators. The pictures also included texts with the buttons, from left to right it is a Standby, Reset and finally an Eject button.

Gizmodo said that the texts of the second and third buttons were only partially legible, so it is not yet entirely clear whether the second button is a reset or a record button. We have opted for a reset button in our renders. Finally, there is a real chance that a game will lock-in during the development period, so a button to be able to quickly reset the console does not seem to be a superfluous luxury.

Sony PlayStation 5 Game

It is also still unclear what the large round button on the right is for. At first, our thought went out to an on / off switch. However, it is also possible that the leftmost button, which functions as a standby button, is also the power button.

Previous models were provided to game developers as early as 2018, but the current dev console (shown here) was only delivered to developers this summer, the site continued. This PS5 prototype was also called ‘Prospero’ by the informant.

This name is interesting because Prospero was the main character in The Tempest by Shakespeare. Two other characters from this play were Ariel and Gonzalo, these are also the two code names that turned up for the customized AMD processors for the Sony PS5 and the Xbox One Two (Xbox Scarlett) respectively.

8K PlayStation games

In April the chief architect of Sony PlayStation announced several specs regarding the PS5, the processor manufacturer AMD was heard almost simultaneously. Since then, it has been known that the PlayStation 5 has an 8-core AMD Ryzen processor with a GPU and AMD Navi architecture that supports ray tracing.

The Sony PS5 will also support 8K games, or using an upscale technique is still unknown. In addition, it will be the first PlayStation game console with an SSD (Solid State Drive), so that much shorter loading times can be guaranteed.

Thanks to an integrated system-on-chip, the PlayStation 5 will become considerably more economical than its predecessor. Also in sleep mode, the game console will use significantly less energy, namely; 0.5W. With this, Sony is focusing – just like Microsoft – on a sustainable future where the CO2 footprint is minimized.

In the same blog post, the Japanese game manufacturer announced that it was also developing a PS VR app that should make gamers aware of climate change. With the new console, Sony will at least continue to pay attention to virtual reality, this will probably also result in a new PSVR headset.

Whether the PSVR 2 will be revealed simultaneously with the PS5 is still unknown. The original PlayStation VR headset was launched later than the console itself, so it is certainly not inconceivable that Sony will again opt for this strategy. There is even a small possibility that Sony wants to make it possible to play PlayStation 3D games via a special hologram display.

Furthermore, it is likely that the new PS will offer streaming options. Online gaming has become immensely popular, which has also increased the need to stream live images of a game. The PlayStation Camera was created for this. It is possible that an update is also being made, so the quality of the microphone is not too good.

According to Gizmodo, the PS5 will, in any case, have a camera. However, it is still unclear whether this is included with the console or whether it is an add-on. Since not all gamers will need such a camera, it is likely that it will be sold as a separate accessory. Finally, Sony can keep the price of the console low in this way. It is possible that a free camera is included at the time of the pre-order period. Personally, I certainly do not expect the updated PS Camera to be included in the sales box as standard.

Then, of course, we have the Sony PS5 Pro. If we can believe the Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawa, both a PlayStation 5 and a Pro version will be announced next February in PlayStation Meeting 2020. If this is the case, you can assume that the PS5 Pro will be more expensive, but the exact differences between these two consoles are still unknown. It is, of course, possible that only the Pro model will have an SSD.

There is still much uncertainty about the selling price of the updated game consoles. Sony announced in April this year that the game system will receive an “attractive price, given the advanced specifications.” Both the PS4 and the PS4 Pro introduced three years later received a suggested retail price of € 400. Although gamers hope that the price remains unchanged, given the additional features – including an expensive SSD – it is likely that the prices will be higher.

Nevertheless, Sony will not want to make the same mistake as with the PS3, when the console was put on the market too expensive (€ 500 for the 20GB model and € 600 for 60GB). Manufacturers such as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo know very well how they can earn money from extra services, so the console price can be reduced. Yet you should certainly not be surprised at a price of around €500. This was also the introduction price of the Xbox One X, which came on the market two years after the PS4 Pro.

In the meantime, it should be clear that the displayed renders do not illustrate the model that you can buy in the stores later. This is the so-called developers kit that is used by game developers to develop new titles. So there is a good chance that the actual Sony PlayStation 5 will look different. Nevertheless, Sony has clearly put a lot of effort into the design of this console, normally these developers machines look a lot more boring.

This naturally makes us all the more curious about the actual design of Sony’s future game console. We keep our ears and eyes open, as soon as we know more to report you can read it here at LetsGoDigital!

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