The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide : 3 Best Inverter Batteries for Home

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Batteries are the heart of a home inverter system. And if you want your inverter to work efficiently, you need to have the best inverter battery for your home. But before you go shopping, you should be aware of the inverter batteries available in the market and which battery is best for your requirement. One of the most important factors in determining the right inverter battery would be the duration and frequency of power outages in your area. Then there are other factors too, such as technology, maintenance and more.

Types of Inverter batteries for home usage

There are three types of inverter batteries available in the market based on their plate technology:

  1. Flat plate Batteries
  2. Tubular Batteries
  3. Gel Batteries

1. Flat plate batteries

Flat plate batteries are the traditional sealed lead-acid batteries with electrodes made of lead and lead dioxide. These batteries are housed in small-height containers and are best suited for low power cut areas since they have a low cycle life. But these batteries have a fast charging rate, and therefore, they are better preferred for areas with frequent power outages, so that the batteries can be quickly changed between two consecutive power cuts.

2. Why buy a Flat plate battery?

One of the most important things people consider when looking for a battery is its price. Since flat plate batteries are relatively inexpensive, they are a great buying option for people with a tight budget. Also, if one is looking for a battery for temporary use or for a shorter time frame, one can consider buying a flat plate battery.

If you want a flat plate battery, we recommend you buy one from Luminous India as they are easy to maintain, small and lightweight, too. The best part is they are recyclable which means you are also contributing to the environment.

3. Tubular plate batteries

A tubular plate battery is a lead-acid battery type with both positive and negative plates (tubular-shaped). It uses a tubular bag (instead of a positive electrode), which holds the positive material. Thus, referred to as tubular plate batteries. The tubular tubes of these batteries increase the positive plate surface area, which in turn increases its electrical capacity by 20 percent. This makes it the best inverter battery for areas that experience longer power cuts (like tier 2 and 3 metropolitan cities). There are 2 types of tubular batteries: Short Tubular Batteries and Tall Tubular Batteries.

Why buy a Tubular battery?

The major benefit of tubular batteries is that they provide long backups. Also, they perform better in terms of temperature resistance. They use fewer water top-ups – and have longer life cycles. As compared to flat plate batteries, tubular batteries are more durable – and have more battery capacity. They have greater run times, which is why they are also known as deep cycle batteries.

Gel Batteries: A gel battery is a sealed, valve-regulated lead-acid battery with a reliable power supply. It has a special gelified electrolyte (crisscross gel structure), which helps hold a charge for a longer period. As compared to standard lead-acid batteries, Gel batteries provide more backup power per cycle. They are lighter than ordinary batteries. Besides, these batteries are maintenance-free.

Why buy a Gel battery?

Gel batteries provide flexible installation (can be positioned in any orientation) and are maintenance-free. They do not require an additional water top-up. Moreover, they deliver a long standby life and better cycle performance.

Manufactured with the open valve feature, gel batteries do not cause any leakage. What’s more, gel batteries are eco-friendly. They do not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Word of advice

If you want to buy the best inverter battery for your home, you should buy from a reputable brand that has an excellent track record of manufacturing quality products. One such company you can consider buying from is Luminous India. They are one of the most trusted names in the inverter battery space and they have a vast portfolio of Flat and Tubular batteries that too at very reasonable prices.

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