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Best Python open source projects for beginners

For beginners, trying themselves in a Python open source project may become quite a cognitive time spending. Taking into account that during the last five years the Python is widely recognized as a “Most popular coding language”, in many, thanks to the high readability extent and the efficiency it gained the extensive fan-audience of developers. […]

Mobile applications vs web applications: Which one holds greater importance?

Every time a business plans to develop an application, it usually finds itself in a state of confusion of choice between mobile applications and web applications. If you have a business, you too must have had to come across this predicament. In fact, even after a detailed paperwork on business goals, target audience and competitor […]

6 Qualities to consider while hiring a mobile app developer

The world is traveling towards a future that is centered around technology. Apps have overtaken many of our daily activities and have made us an overall more efficient and productive workforce. Apps have taken over websites in the past years. To put things in perspective, let’s dive in some statistics. A study estimates that an […]

Google hired David Feinberg to take control of Google’s health strategy

Geisinger has announced that Google has picked Geisinger Health’s CEO David Feinberg to take control of Google’s health strategy. Google is all set to move into the $3 trillion health care sector and to see that Google functions fully, efficiently and effectively in their new health care strategy, they have picked David Feinberg. Google’s health […]

How to make your meetings more effective: Ultimate Guide

When planning a meeting, every team leader is faced with the same questions – when should we meet, who needs to be there, and what exactly are we going to talk about? After you plan a meeting, it’s super important to prepare for it. If a team leader shows up with just a basic idea […]

Eight business benefits and cost breakdown of iPhone app development

How can you reach out to over 700 million people at once? Well, an iPhone app with user-friendly features and pleasant experience can help you achieve this goal! You can certainly think of the impact it can exert on your business. Probably, this is the reason why enterprises tend to come up with customized iPhone […]

Top considerations to make while calculating the cost to hire mobile app developer

In today’s time, almost every business has its own app. Most of them are looking for a means to reach out to more customers and boost their sales and revenue. At one point or the other, having an app for your business is a great idea, and you should consider hiring a mobile app developer […]

Do you know? Marketing and distribution strategies work only under these conditions

There are more than 1 million applications on the app store but only a few manage to get users attention because of the unique features offered by the app. Building just a product is not enough, you have to come up with something that is not being offered by others in the market. Moreover, people […]

Android vs iOS app development: Why app startups focus on iOS first?

It is an old debate, which mobile OS platform is a better option for startups, iOS or Android? Giving complete answer is impractical without looking in-depth into the technicality, marketing factors, UX, and much more aspects influencing the app success. SysBunny consulting service tries to help app startups to fix an appropriate decision. Introduction: Android […]

5 best ways to sell Android app development in the market

The app market is competitive than ever. While you may consider it saturate but the truth is that there is still scope to make abundant money in the market. So, if you are looking out ways to sell your android app in the market and earn some revenue in return, then here check the 5 […]

Samsung introduces Samsung Max Android app for data saving and privacy protection

Today, February 23, Samsung launched its new Android app named Samsung Max for mobile data saving and privacy management. The app provides data usage monitoring and improved Wi-Fi security. Samsung Max bears the support of the latest iteration of Data Saving Mode and Privacy Protection Mode of the brand. The app is basically to replace […]

Tips to modernize your business processes with SaaS apps

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is taking center stage in cloud-based services. Given its ease of access, flexibility, and SaaS has become a common delivery model for enterprises of all sizes. Today, SaaS-based solutions are available for a wide array of business applications, including business Expense Management, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Document Management, and […]