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BMW introduces 2 lineups: i3s Edition RoadStyle and i8 Ultimate Sophisto Edition

BMW introduces two new lineups; i3s Edition RoadStyle and i8 Ultimate Sophisto Edition. The i3s Edition RoadStyle features the quickest and sportiest i3, the purely electric model with the Fluid Black paint with exclusive details not available before. The i8 Ultimate Sophisto Edition sports an elegant combination of E-Copper trim with special details and interior […]

BMW M3 prototype spotted at the Green Hell race track

BMW’s highly anticipated sports sedan, the next-generation M3, as stated by BMW, will be releasing roughly in the mid-2020. Before its official release, the car has to undergo a lot of testing. Therefore, a prototype of the M3 was spotted at the Green Hell race track. Even though the prototype was heavily camouflaged so as […]

Tencent partnering with BMW AG to develop self-driving vehicles in China

In collaboration with BMW, the Tech-giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. is teaming up to develop self-driving cars which are scheduled to begin operations by the end of the year. Tencent is one of the world’s biggest auto markets in China that provides services from data storage to online computing. The Chinese government is in all targets […]

BMW X7 truck will be presented during this year’s BMW Motorrad Days

Last year in October, BMW had released a rendering of what was supposed to be their upcoming BMW X7 truck. Even though the design did not look that much promising, BMW has now come up with the X7 pickup. The pickup truck is not yet released as it will first be presented at this year’s […]

BMW Vision M Next – A glimpse into the future of sporty driving

BMW has one of the catalogs of motorcycles most prized by bikers. And like cars, the company’s foray into the electric field is still a bit shy. However, the automotive industry is always looking for ways to boost this market and has presented two new electrical concepts, which stands out, above all, a new electric […]

BMW X7, the new Hi-Tech lounge car is on its way

On board the new BMW X7, users get the feeling of being in a living room. The most impressive SUV of the Bavarian House brings together the performance of an off-road vehicle – the BMW X range – and the comfort of a 7 Series, with leather seats and briar finish, attention to detail in […]

BMW is preparing a roof version of its electric bike C Evolution

It was the year 2000 when BMW introduced the C1, a peculiar scooter that lasted only two years in the market and was characterized by having a windshield, roof, seat with backrest and headrest and even seatbelt. The C1 was a BMW attempt to attract owners of small cars to their range of motorcycles. Thanks […]

BMW 530e Wireless Charging Pad launched in the USA

The new BMW 530e is the hybrid version of the German saloon, an authentic limousine of almost five meters with which you can drive in large cities and with privileges to access lanes type and other perks present. All this, in addition, with the sportiness of the Bavarian brand, mechanically, comes to assemble a two-liter […]

Video teaser of BMW X3 M and X4 M released ahead of Geneva Motor Show

The debut is close as BMW has released a video teaser of the M variants of the X3 and X4.  The new video teaser doesn’t tell us a whole lot, but we do know the new M models will be the most potent versions of the X3 and X4 we’ve ever seen, with a new […]

BMW all-new 7 Series to make its official debut with Massive Grille and a new V8 Engine

As an extensive facelift, the luxury limo’s fascia has been given an even larger kidney grille for a “more powerful visual presence.” The BMW 7 series as a standard, bars of the U.S. model, and is finished in aluminum satin. The range-topping M760Li xDrive model features Cerium Grey finish with Massive Grille and a new V8 […]

A close look at the upcoming BMW 3 Series G20-M Sport and Sportline

The expected new 2019 BMW 3 Series G20 just leaked! Some Exclusive features are mentioned as follows: BMW 330i M Sport: This model is available in different colours like Dravit grey , Tansanit Blue 2 and Vermont Bronze with Portimao blue. BMW M340i: The new headlight looks fabulous with notches cut out at the bottom, […]

BMW G20 3 series releases teaser video one week before its official unveiling

As this year’s Paris Motor Show is nearing closer, every car-lover is anticipating the release of BMW G20 3 series. The supercar will be revealed just next week trying to grab the top position in its segment, which undoubtedly will be a lot of competition. To increase our anticipation, even more, the German website of […]