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Rocket Lab plans to reuse rockets by catching them mid-air with helicopter

A US-based company Rocket Lab has announced its plans to make its rockets reusable. Rocket Lab has announced at the Small Satellite Conference in Utah to make the first stage of its Electron rocket reusable in a significant development for the smallsat launcher market. The grand goal here is if we can capture the vehicle […]

SpaceX announces ridesharing for small satellites on Falcon 9

SpaceX announced a ridesharing program form small satellites which would allow companies to get a seat on the Falcon 9 rocket. The companies sharing the ride would have to pay a $2.25 million fee to get a ride on the Falcon 9, and the payment would let them load a payload of up to 150 […]

SpaceX forced to abort the test launch of its Starship Starhopper hover

SpaceX was forced to abort the test launch of its spaceship Starhopper from its Boca Chica site in South Texas this Wednesday. The Starhopper, which is a prototype of the next-generation Starship hopper spacecraft, was supposed to be launched 20 meters (65 feet), into the air before it returned to land by using its own […]

SpaceX bags contract to launch IXPE for astrophysics mission

SpaceX wins a contract from NASA to launch Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer or IXPE that will help the researcher and scientists to study polarized light from sources like pulsar wind nebulae and supermassive black holes for more intricate observations. As per NASA, it has collaborated with Space X to launch Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) […]

SpaceX’s plans Starship and Super Heavy launch system by 2021

SpaceX has slated 2021 for the first commercial mission of its Starship and Super Heavy launch system. The construction of Super Heavy booster and the Starship upper stage is underway, the designing is being done in such a way that it can launch up to to 20 metric tons to geostationary transfer orbit, or more […]

SpaceX launches a pack of 60 Starlink satellites for high-speed internet network

On Thursday, SpaceX sent a packed rocket of 60 satellites into space, an essential first mission towards building the company’s high-speed internet network. This is the first full launch of SpaceX “Starlink” satellites. The 60 satellites represent the first launch of dozens more, as SpaceX plans to launch thousands of the Starlink satellites to create […]

Jeff Bezos unveiled Blue Moon; a lunar lander to take astronauts to the Moon by 2024

Jeff Bezos, the founder of rocket company Blue Origin, unveiled on Thursday a mockup of a lunar lander spacecraft while discussing the mission to the Moon. Bezos told the audience the lander would be enabled to deliver payloads to the surface of the lunar up to four smaller rovers and also shoot out satellites to […]

SpaceX Dragon freighter departs for the International Space Station

SpaceX successfully launched the Dragon unmanned cargo capsule to the International Space Station (ISS). The event could be seen live through the Youtube channel of the Elon Musk company. These types of unmanned cargo capsule launches are almost routine for SpaceX, but this happens shortly after one of the Crew Dragon capsules was destroyed during […]

SpaceX’s Mars-Bound Starship Raptor Engine is gearing up as Musk teases the flight engine

SpaceX’s key milestone is cranking up the heat. SpaceX founder Elon Musk posted photos of the new Raptor rocket engine. The company is preparing to test fire the Starship Raptor engine designed for use on a future Moon and Mars mission. It’s a key milestone in the company’s efforts to build its most ambitious rocket to date, […]

Falcon 9 static fire test completed ahead of SpaceX’s 2019 launch

Before Space X could complete its first launch of the year the company is done with its Falcon 9 Static Fire Test. Falcon 9 B1049 is all set to launch an essential mission marking for both SpaceX and customer Iridium. The final contracted launch of the upgraded Iridium NEXT satellite communications constellation. While Iridium Communications […]

Space X to launch dual mission SES-12 satellite replacing NSS-6 satellite

After the launch of the communication satellite on May 11, 2018, Space X has scheduled another launch of a communication satellite from Florida on May 31, 2018. The launch will take place near Cape Canaveral Air Force Station’s SLC-40. Space X preps to launch SES-12, a giant European communications conglomerate thus making this the sixth of […]

SpaceX Dragon Cargo Capsule carrying tons of supplies reaches ISS

An uncrewed cargo capsule of SpaceX, named Dragon, carrying 3 tons of supplies and gear has arrived at the ISS. It had been in orbital chase for two days, and landed at the ISS today, April 4 at 6:40 am EDT or 10:40 am GMT. Astronauts obtained the Dragon using the Canadarm2 robotic arm. It […]