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Google top boss shows concern due to the loss driverless lead reveals a new email

It was almost 3 years ago when Chris Urmson, the then head of the self-driving car project of Google had sent an email to the Co-Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, expressing his concern regarding Uber. Over the last six months we have stopped playing to win and instead are now playing to minimize downside. […]

Google Self-Driving Car involved in its worst accident in California

After Google had began testing its self-driving cars in 2012, the autonomous vehicles have been involved in a number of crashes. Most of which have been minor and at low speeds, so neither of them caused significant damage to either the car or the person at the wheel. But recently, one of Google’s cars was […]

Chris Urmson announces his departure from Google self-driving car project

Chris Urmson, Tech lead of Google’s self-driving car project is going to leave company after working more than seven years. In a blog post on Medium Chris announced his departure from the company. As per some sources Urmson was dissatisfied with the recent direction of the project under John Krafcik, the CEO of Google’s car […]