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Google will separate the Audio Process from Chrome v76

Google will have a separate audio process on Chrome starting from Chrome v76. The Chrome version 76.0.3809.87 for Windows, Mac, and Linux will now run Audio in a separate process that will allow Chrome to control the process separately. Earlier, in Google Chrome, the audio process was not a separate process which would often result […]

Google Chrome to drop support for FTP URLs altogether

Google Chrome will no longer support the FTP in Chrome 80. It is also planning to drop FTP related code and resources or URL from Chrome 82 as was reported by the Chrome engineers. Chrome from the beginning did not have an encrypted FTP connection support which made it vulnerable to security threats online and […]

Google tests a play/pause button to the Chrome browser’s toolbar

As reports suggest that Google is testing a play/pause button to its Chrome browser enabling users to play or pause a video or music that’s playing in a tab. The button’s role will be to make it easier for users to pause or resume multimedia content that’s currently playing in the browser, regardless of the […]

Chrome now synchronizes and saves the user’s payment data

Google Chrome synchronizes a lot of data with the Google account so that the user has the same experience on all the devices that use the browser and to make it really easy to start using when switching devices. Among the aspects that saved info, we find applications, bookmarks, extensions, history, settings, themes, open tabs, […]

Google’s new extension for Chrome allows users to easily report on malicious websites

In addition to providing one of the largest extensions platforms in the Chrome Web Store, Google also develops its own extensions. Sometimes, they are added to complement the websites of their services, while at other times the company launches them in order to improve the security of its users. A Password Checkup was launched earlier […]

Google Chrome 76: beta version brings- PWA, Popup Blocker and more

10 days ago Google rolled Chrome 75 Stable Browser out and that has mainly security features and the new reading mode in the luggage. Now follows the beta channel and increased to version 76 – which will bring back significantly more innovations. At least in the Google Chrome 76 beta version, quite a few things […]

Google Search gets new search algorithms to show top results

Millions and millions of people turn to the Google search every minute to find information on any topic they can imagine. It is the most widely used search engine worldwide, and the truth is that it does not surprise us since Google is the master of almost everything related to this matter. The face of […]

Snapchat parental control and how to block porn sites

Importance of Cybersafetrick tool: Today’s many applications are come and go but the standard software is Iskysoft. It is one of the best applications for transfer data’s, backup and restores and everything. It is one of the solutions for all smartphone issues. It is more powerful for data recovery system, it can help you to […]

Google Chrome 75 beta introduces an improved dark mode and other new features

Google Chrome 75 beta for Android devices is now available. In this version of the popular browser, you will find an improved dark mode. Then we have Web Share API Level 2. In addition, Chrome 75 also introduces minor modifications and improvements. Google added, among others Service Workers in the browser task manager. Currently is […]

Chrome 75 Beta simplifies the monitoring of resources occupied by PWAs

Chrome 75 Beta is already in distribution, as usual in conjunction with the upgrade to the immediately previous version in the stable channel. For the moment there are no major changes on the end user side: the practice is that in the initial phases the more technical innovations are implemented and then later those relating […]

Top 14 Chrome tricks on Android that you probably did not know

Chrome for Android is one of the most popular Android browsers, but it has so many features that you may not have looked yet. We show you 14 Chrome tricks on Android that you probably did not know. Chrome is installed as a standard app on a large number of Android phones, and an even […]

RCS settings come on the updated version of Messages for Web on

Chrome OS’s Messages integration, as a part of the “Better Together” initiative between Android and Chrome OS, is supposed to be the vehicle for the latest updated version of Messages for Web with the inclusion of RCS settings on the Google domain. In 2018, Google had announced its plans to modify its Chrome OS by […]