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Tag: Google Search

Google Search’s New Tools Make It Easier to Navigate the US Healthcare System

Tech giant Google is adding new tools to Search to make navigating the US healthcare system easier. The company said that people can check which insurance networks they might accept when searching for a specific provider. And suppose people ar...

European Union Court Reaffirms Google’s $2.8 Billion Antitrust Fines

Today, a European Union court upholds the 2017 ruling that Google's actions were anticompetitive, reaffirming the $2.8 billion fine. The American multinational technology company thereby lost the appeal case. The EU's Court in Luxembourg backed a...

Australia Plans to Stop Google From Its Default Search Engine on Mobile Phones

Today, the Australian antitrust regulator, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has announced that its body plans to stop Google from being the default search engine for smartphones and tablets.   The ACCC suggested t...

Google Logs Record Whopping $18.9 Bn Profit, Search, and Youtube Soar.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has posted all-time record revenue of $61.9 billion for the July-September quarter and record profits at $18.9 billion. Google Services revenues were $59.9 billion, up 41 percent, and Google Search and othe...

Google pledged developers $1 M to improve security in open source project

Google has pledged $1 million to the Linux Foundation's new project, which aims to improve the security of critical open-source projects. Google's latest investment, which is part of the company's $10 billion pledge to President Biden's cybersecu...
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