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Tag: Hangout

New Ultrapure Water Plant for Chip Manufacturing Unveiled by South Korea

South Korea unveiled an ultrapure water demonstration plant worth 2,400 tons per day for semiconductor chip manufacturing. The plant was unveiled yesterday, November 16 at the SK Silitron plant, in a groundbreaking ceremony by the South Korea Minist...

Google Hangouts experienced a delay in delivering messages to Fi users

A Google Fi user residing in Hawaii received several messages over Hangout on 5th April; however, the problem was that the sender sent those texts on Easter Sunday, but the receiver received those messages on Monday, that is to say, there was a sign...

It’s official- Google Is Killing Off Allo to Focus on Messages, Duo, Hangouts

Google has officially announced that it's shutting down short-lived Google Allo, according to a reliable source familiar with the plan. Google still has not gotten its Messaging act together, much to some users frustration, now the tech gi...

Google Hangout To Be Shut Down in the Year 2020

As per the received information, it is said that Google Hangouts for the users/consumers will shut down in the year 2020. This news was very much expected as almost a year ago, Google essentially stopped the development on the app. 2019 will be the ...

Google Looking Forward to Challenge Slack With New Hangouts Chat App

The team communication app of Google is reportedly going to be made available for customers of its G Suite portfolio of cloud productivity apps. The announcement that came this Wednesday, states that it is expected to be done within this week. Ap...
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