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Sony Olympus Medical Solutions demonstrated its 3D imaging tech

At CEATEC 2019 Sony demonstrated its 3D imaging tech that could save lives. Sony Olympus Medical Solutions a joint venture went on to develop two systems that can help physicians and medical personal get a clear view of the patient’s body parts. CEATEC 2019 is underway in Japan and more than just the usual tech […]

MIT researchers to measure a patient’s pain level via brain activity

Researchers from MIT have developed a system to measure the patient’s pain level by detecting their brain activity. Such a system is expected to help doctors with diagnosing and treating noncommunicative patients. It is expected that this could reduce the risk of chronic pain that can occur after surgery. How does the system work? MIT researchers […]

Goodwin’s wearable predicts aggressive outbursts in autistic’s in advance

Autistic people need an extra dosage of understanding from their caretakers. Nonetheless, the occasional outburst of aggressive behavior can never be predicted by anyone, no matter the level of understanding. To help people take better care of autistic people, Northeastern scientist Matthew Goodwin has created a wearable wrist device which monitors the physiological indicators of […]

How to talk to your child about teen drug abuse before they leave for college

You’ve made it through the teenage years – your child successfully completed high school and is off to college. For both parents and their children, this is both an exciting and nerve-wracking time. Though your teenager is growing up, their brains are still developing, and they are still in the habit of risk-taking. Relative immaturity […]

Find out how to tackle cardiovascular disease with the help of AI

The University of Sydney’s Westmead Applied Research Center is taking initiatives to help the people who are at the risk of cardiovascular disease. The Center has teamed up with with a donation of $1 million to give the patients more personalized advice and support via AI. Heart and cardiovascular diseases have been a major […]

Examining the role of gut health in the effective drug recovery treatment

Nutrition is a commonly overlooked aspect of life for many Americans, and nutritional deficits can be especially damaging to individuals struggling with substance abuse, mental health disorders, or dual diagnoses of drug dependency and co-occurring disorders. During addiction recovery, patients must learn how to overcome cravings and manage the triggers that spur their patterns of […]

Cancer startup Tempus gets a $3.1B valuation, raises fresh $200M

Malignant growth informatics and accuracy medication organization Tempus said today that it has landed $200 million out of a Series F speculation around. This new round brings the four-year-old company’s absolute funding to $520 million and valuation to $3.1 billion. The organization reported the financing round on Thursday, alongside designs to extend its clinical information […]

Indian Railways pair with Microsoft Kaizala to extend healthcare services to its employees

Indian Railways has joined hands with Microsoft Kaizala to extend healthcare services to its erstwhile and retired employees. The services will include easy access to the facilities from 125 railway and 133 private recognized hospitals. The Kaizala Group, currently managed by the doctors from South Central Railways, will be assisted in the purpose by a […]

How Business Intelligence is rewarding Healthcare in financial and clinical success

Health leaders and clinicians are no exclusion. So, it may not be a surprise that the search for improved clinical and productivity effects has lacked many improvements in human factors research, continuous quality advancement, and Immunology data technology – including the creation of Business Intelligence (BI) systems. What is Healthcare Business Intelligence? BI is a […]

7 Proven tips of mental health you should make sure to pass on to your employees

Mental health may not seem important to you as an employer, but there are 7 tips you should definitely make sure to pass on to your employees. As an employer, you want what’s best for your employees so you’re often thinking about things like office design, productivity, and payroll. One thing you probably never give […]

5 Truly revolutionary Digital Healthcare Technologies for better diagnosis

Technology advancement in every field has made life simpler and more convenient, but in healthcare, technology advancement has not only helped save many lives, but every advancement gives us a hope that the future is going to bring less health suffering for the entire mankind. Apart from hundreds of technological advancements that are taking place […]

Fitbit Inspire is the company’s cheapest as of date, but cannot be bought in retail stores

Fitbit Inspire and its advanced version Fitbit Inspire HR have been introduced and are reportedly the company’s cheapest as of date, but they are purchasable exclusively by corporate employees and health insurance members. A company or a health insurance provider would have to entirely subsidize and issue by bulk these Fitbit Inspire fitness trackers. In […]