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Google to release Chat, an iMessage like experience for Androids

It may appear that with the coming of the new text messaging apps which let its users send and receive SMS for free of cost, the old school text messaging has almost become obsolete. But this is not true. According to a recent survey, it has been surfaced that people still send some 8 trillion texts […]

Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Archive Text Messages – Infographic

If your business is operating in heavily-regulated industries, then there’s one feature that you cannot afford not to ignore: message archiving. With smartphones, instant messaging apps, and texting becoming a commonplace on today’s business environment, more companies have realized the need for a mobile messaging archiving solution that will help them remain compliant with various […]

Apple’s Data Center with $1B Valuation in Ireland Gets Approved Finally

Apple announced its $1 billion (€850M) Irish data center more than 2-and-a-half years ago. This morning, Ireland’s High Court granted permission to build Apple’s data center. The delay of the decision included a lengthy planning battle, and it even raised concerns that Apple may have given up on Ireland. Within the time period, the company […]

Blood Donation Plan for the Needy by Facebook in India

Facebook has taken one further step in societal welfare through introducing blood donation plan in India. Today, Facebook announced that it will soon launch tools for connecting blood donors with people and organizations in need. This will continue the social media company’s process in working with the civil society members in India. SEE ALSO: Nokia […]

Apple stores iMessage contacts and may share them law enforcement agencies

Apple may had promised earlier that user’s iMessage conversation will be safe and secured with some encryption and cannot be reached by either user or user’s friends. But due to some Law enforcement, the document obtained by the intercept stated that user’s data leave behind a log of which phone number you are poised to […]