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Voice of Waze Navigation app filed a lawsuit; suing Apple for using unauthentic voice

Waze, a GPS navigation software app sues Apple for using unauthentic voice. The female voice of the navigation app in Hebrew takes the case to the court filing a lawsuit of approximately $66,000, suing Apple for using her voice for Siri. According to the lawsuit, hundreds and thousands of people use the Hebrew version of […]

Egypt claims on Apple for violation of local laws

The unfair bans by Apple have compelled Egypt to impose accusation on what it identifies as unfair restrictions on local distributors or face legal action. The allegation against the company comes after the Egyptian Competition Authority accused the Cupertino based firm. The California based company has been accused of violating local competitive law by preventing […]

Hagens Berman files lawsuit against Apple for Retina display defects in iMac and MacBook

It is now publicly announced by the law firm of Hagens Berman that they have filed a lawsuit against the Apple on 18th of November in Northern California that claims that there’s a defect in the display of MacBook Retina display and Apple’s iMac. Also, Apple failed in installing filters for the computers vents which […]

Russian firm FAN sued Facebook and Zuckerberg refuses to resign as its CEO

The Federal Agency of News LLC which is also known as FAN and Evgeniy Zubarev, the company’s sole shareholder, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against Facebook in federal court in the Northern District of California. They sued Facebook claiming that FAN is a legitimate news outlet and demanded that its Facebook account be restored. FAN’s […]

Newly filed lawsuit claims Apple’s dual-camera iPhones technology infringes on a patent

A lawsuit which was filed on Tuesday claims that Apple’s Dual-camera iPhones technology, that was deployed in smartphones model which is dating back to iPhone 7, and it infringes a patent for enhancing digital photography images using multiple sensors and lenses. The suit names plaintiffs Yanbin Yu and Zhongxuan Zhang alleged Apple’s iPhones with the […]

Musk to be removed from Tesla, seeks U.S Regulator

The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission accused Tesla Inc. (TSLA.O) Chief Executive Elon Musk on the Thursday of fraud, asked him to remove him from his role in charge of the electric car company as he made series of false and misleading tweets about potentially taking Tesla private last month. Regulator described how Musk surprised […]

Google, Facebook and Twitter pledge a code of conduct to EU to tackle misinformation

With a pledge to work together with tech and advertising companies, Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc., are ready to fight the spread of “fake news” online in Europe in order to prevent it from being maligned in the upcoming political elections. It is an ad-hoc alliance comprising Mozilla Corp. and advertising business organizations. […]

Apple been accused of patent infringement again, lawsuit by Asahi on some iPhone models

Apple has been alleged again regarding patent infringement, and this time it concerns several different iPhone models, including the iPhone X. Singapore Asahi Chemical & Solder Industries PTE Ltd. has brought a lawsuit in a U.S. District Court in Ohio, accusing that Apple infringed on its solder patent in manufacturing the phones: iPhone 7, iPhone […]

Judge supports White Supremacist over Twitter but narrowed scope of lawsuit against it

San Francisco Superior Court Judge Harold Kahn passed his judgment on June 14 that there will be no lawsuit thrown out that’s filed against Twitter by Jared Taylor. The filing accuses the social media company of violating free speech rights of Taylor after it banned him from its platform in late 2017. The judge did […]

Nokia sues iPhone maker for patent infringement in Germany and the U.S.

While Apple and Samsung are the go-to names when it comes to patent legal proceeding Nokia has just tipped its hat into the ring as well. Nokia has sued iPhone maker for violation over 32 patents accounting for different technologies used in Apple products. Nokia has announced that it has officially leveraged multiple complaints against Apple in […]

Samsung files a lawsuit against Huawei for patent infringement

The battle has become bloodier. Huawei after filing a lawsuit against Samsung in March in both the US and China for Infringing on 4G- related patents was slammed back by Samsung lawsuit. Samsung lawsuit urge to block Huawei and another firm from manufacturing and selling devices together with a demand of $24.1 million to compensate […]