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Firefox will reduce its release cycle to 4 weeks

Firefox has announced that its browser release cycle has been reduced down to four weeks. Firefox browser release usually takes six to eight weeks, and over the years, Firefox has shifted to a ‘pre-release’ strategy. Firefox took the decision to change its release cycle owing to the factors of the users demanding Firefox to roll […]

Mozilla to solve leaked out password problem with new Firefox 69 update

Recently, Mozilla has announced through their Foundation Security Advisory that it was possible to copy saved passwords without having a preset master password entry. However, Mozilla is looking forward to solving the problem with a built-in password generator from Firefox version 69 onwards. With the designation CVE-2019-11733, Mozilla has referred to the impact of the […]

Mozilla Firefox 70 to warn users if saved logins are found in data breaches

Mozilla’s partnership with Have I Been Pwned is fruitful and an important one. Mozilla Firefox 70 will have the browser report when and if any of the user’s saved logins are found in data breaches. Mozilla has been planning to integrate their independent Firefox Monitor service and the new Firefox Lockwise password manager into Firefox […]

Mozilla partners with Scroll to offer news subscription service at $4.99 a month

A few months after Mozilla announced its imminent partnership with news subscription company Scroll, the global nonprofit organization has teased a subscription product costing $4.99 per month that would offer ad-free news. Mozilla’s latest news subscription product also seems to undercut its competitor, the recently launched Apple News+, whose subscription costs $9.99 a month. Mozilla […]

Mozilla Firefox 67.0.3 released – An updated version of the Firefox and Firefox ESR

The new version of the Mozilla browser, Firefox 67.0.3, is already reaching all users as one more update. If we already have version 67 of the browser installed, we will automatically receive the patch while using the browser, and it will be installed as soon as it is closed and reopened. This update came as […]

Firefox Premium could be launched later this year

Mozilla has been trying for a while to find ways to monetize their services, something that does not always end well. Although for the end of this year we could find a change in importance. The company could launch Firefox Premium by the end of 2019. A subscription service, which would become a new way […]

Mozilla presents new privacy features for its browsers, Firefox

Mozilla has long taken privacy as a particularly prominent and important feature of its products, with Firefox at the helm. And the navigator, once the king of kings, continues to update himself by putting it above everything else. This Tuesday has been demonstrated once again. “Last year, we saw technology companies talk about a great […]

Here’s how to fix Firefox extensions been suddenly disabled

As time has gone by, we have been able to see how the extensions that we usually install in our browsers, have been gaining in importance, becoming key elements in some cases for the proper functioning of the software. Well, it is possible that a few hours in this part some have encountered the problem […]

Firefox Lockbox, a password manager that lets you log in to your mobile apps on Android

If you’re a Firefox user then here’s the news. Firefox has just made all the password struggles much more comfortable with the release of Firefox Lockbox for Android devices. The Firefox Lockbox is basically a password manager that brings passwords tied to your Firefox Account to mobile devices. Mozilla has already offered an iOS version […]

Mozilla released Firefox Send; the encrypted file sharing service

Mozilla introduced Firefox Send, a service that allows you to share larger files or datasets. Similar to the well-known competitor WeTransfer, where the content is uploaded to a server. The recipients will then receive a link to download the data to their devices. Mozilla promises that the data will be encrypted end-to-end. The service should […]

Firefox 67 to bring Tor’s anti-fingerprinting technique; letterboxing

Mozilla Firefox 67 could embark on a new anti-fingerprinting technique that protects against specific fingerprinting methods related to the window size. The new technique “letterboxing,” has been recently used to add “gray spaces” to the sides of a web page when the user tries to resize its browser window, which is then removed progressively after […]

Facebook’s announcement to open Ad Archive API indicates a move towards transparency

Mozilla Corporation and partners have been calling Facebook for increased transparency and accountability of political advertisement, following which Facebook has announced its plans to open its Political Ad Archive API in March, that might be helpful in preventing abuse during the upcoming elections. The Mozilla Foundation, along with an alliance formed by technologists, human rights […]