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Xiaomi Cleaner Lite releases on Play Store to free up your device’s space

Xiaomi is a popular name when it comes to smartphones, tablets, computers and other electrical accessories. The Chinese electronics company has slowly taken over the Asian as well as the world electronics market. Xiaomi’s MIUI ROM is one of the noteworthy firmware which is used by 300 million users worldwide. Other than offering Xiaomi’s in-house […]

Avengers: Endgame is available on PlayStore and iTunes for rent or purchase in India

After smashing the box-office and being the most highly-grossing movie of all time, Avengers: Endgame is now available for rent or purchase on Google Play, iTunes, and YouTube in India. Both the SD and HD version of the movie is now available. However, the dubbed versions are not available yet but it is expected that […]

Now shopping is easier with the new Google Shopping search

People use Google services – notably Google Search to find everyday products. Whether searching for reviews, sales, coupon codes, or even just images, Search is one of the first destinations for folks looking to buy. The company now announced a big revamp to its Google Shopping product which will create a universal shopping cart across […]

Google releases ‘WifiRttScan App’ for the developers based on WiFi-RTT API

Earlier, Google has added its support for IEEE 802.11mc that allowed apps to evaluate the distance to nearby WiFi access points and also determine the exact indoor location. Now Google released its new WifiRttScan App for developers through the Play Store based on WiFi-RTT API. WifiRttScan is an App from Google that’s currently available for Android […]

Google’s new policy to start removing Play Store apps that ask for SMS and Call Log permissions

Google, attributing utmost seriousness to the matters of accessing sensitive data and permissions, has decided to remove those apps from Google Play Store that ask for SMS and Call Log permissions. Last October Google had announced their plans to restrict developer access to SMS and Call Log permissions. Paul Bankhead, Director of Product Management, Google […]

Google discontinues Play Store services for Android 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich handsets

Handsets running on Android 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich will not get further support and update from the Google Play Store. This is because the percentage of the active Android device running on this version of Android OS is just 1%, also this Android version, Ice Cream Sandwich is now seven years old, the announcement was made […]

Google Play Store leads Apple App Store by 145% increase in Q4 2017

Google’s Play store is gaining its pace over Apple’s App Store. According to App Annie, Google Play Store has reached over 19 billion downloads in Q4 2017. This graph is increasing year over year by 10%. Apple’s App store garnered around 7.7 billion downloads. Therefore, in comparison, Google’s Play Store leads Apple’s App Store over […]

Gboard Go ‘Lite Release’ made available for Android 8.1 devices with low RAM

Google has introduced a new series of “Go” apps that are designed exclusively for lighter and low-power devices. With the likes of Maps Go, YouTube Go and several more already revealed, we have seen that this latest initiative has its merits. The latest inclusion in this series is the Gboard Go. It can be downloaded […]

Huawei slated to adopt Android Messages app into its devices

As anticipated in the months to come, the global leader in carrier network technology, Huawei announced today that it will partner with Google to enable increased ease in mobile messaging for its huge global user base by strategically incorporating Android Messages (powered by RCS) in its Android smartphone. Powered by Android Messages and RCS messaging, […]

Google Fixes the Swipe to Delete Gesture of Google Play Music

The swipe-to-delete gesture of Google Play Music has recently been heavily criticized. It’s been described as the reason they “switched back to Spotify” by some users. Some even reported to be “scarred” by the issue. Ongoing through the reviews on Google Play Store we did see that it is one of the main talking points […]

Skype Removed from App Stores in China for Unclear Law Offense

Microsoft’s Skype has become increasingly difficult to download in China although it seems to still be functioning in the country. As a Tuesday’s New York Times report states, Skype became unavailable on Apple’s Chinese App store as well as on Android App stores and this is going on for about a month now. Apple said […]

Google Allo gets New Features to Ban Members from Group Chats

Google Allo has had the features Selfie clips and group chat controls activated by developers for a while, but now these are live. You can enable group chat controls when you want to create a mass conversation. In the setup, the ‘naming and avatar’ screen will provide a new toggle for you to enable options […]