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Toyota’s LQ aims to build relationship with its drivers

Toyota Motor Corporation wants to build a bond with its driver through its new “LQ”, a concept vehicle that uses advanced technology. Toyota Research Institute has partnered with Yui and LQ to build this new technology that will ensure Toyota’s belief that their relationship with the drivers goes beyond the scope of machines and technology. […]

Toyota partners with preferred networks to build commercial service robots

Toyota is looking forward to developing useful service robots which will help people in everyday life, making life a little easier for them. For this noble venture, Toyota is collaborating with the Japanese startup called Preferred Networks. The dual partnership was announced today, and it will utilize Toyota’s Human Support Robot (HSR) robotics platform. The […]

Toyota makes pace with electric cars; aims for the showdown by 2025

Toyota is increasing the pace in the development of electric cars. By 2025, five years ahead of schedule, battery-powered vehicles are expected to contribute half of the global sales, the world’s second-largest carmaker in Tokyo after Volkswagen. This is similar to Toyota’s strategy for new drives increasingly the main competitor VW. The Wolfsburg want to […]

Toyota and Softbank in a joint venture to provide optimal mobility transportation

Toyota Motor Corp. and Japanese tech conglomerate SoftBank Corp. say they are setting up a joint venture to create mobility services, adding to a slew of deals aimed at sharing costs and securing expertise in technologies which promise to drastically change the way people use cars. The new company, to be called Monet Technologies Corp. […]

4 Toyota group members venture into forming self-driving tech and operations

In a recent development, Denso and Aisin Seiki, two of the key Toyota motor group members along with two of their other counterparts have recently stated that they are all coming together to collaborate and venture into a new project for self-driving vehicles by combining their research and development operations. This new venture is expected […]

Toyota to invest $1 billion in Grab with the former’s executives leading the latter

Toyota will invest $1 billion into Grab, the latter said today, June 13. This investment is a build on the existing partnership between the companies and targets exploring new mobility strategies in Southeast Asia. As a global leader in the automotive industry, Toyota’s investment in Grab is based on their conviction in our leadership in […]

2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback with Apple CarPlay compatibility is set to steal NY Auto Show

The New York Auto Show is just next week, and the all-new 2nd-gen 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback is all set for its debut there. It’s more stylish and futuristic than its predecessor and any tech personnel will want to tell you all about it! The car as well brings more trim and options than models […]

Uber wants to sell its self-driving technology to other companies starting with Toyota

Uber Toyota are in talks regarding chances to install its self-driving tech in the Japanese brand’s vehicles, according to a Nikkei report. Uber is indeed on course to sell its automated vehicle tech to other companies, and the Japanese brand is the brand they want to start with. This was further confirmed by the Japanese […]

Toyota, JapanTaxi, KDDI and Accenture come together to predict demand of Taxi Services

Toyota announced that it is working on with three other established companies with the aim to enhance the progress of taxi service development. Together with JapanTaxi, Accenture and KDDI, they are to start deploying AI-based taxi dispatch support system. This will help in precisely predicting the demand for taxi services. It is possible by “combining […]

Toyota inaugurates its e-Palette Alliance and Concept Vehicle at CES 2018

Toyota joins the competition for creating the most versatile and efficient transport automaton at CES, 2018, by launching their latest innovation: the e-Palette Alliance and Concept Vehicle. This vehicle aims to interconnect the world of consumers by bringing not only goods but also services to their doors. Akio Toyoda has stated what the company aims […]

Toyota is using Artificial Intelligence to hunt for new battery materials

Toyota has opted the artificial intelligence to help in the hung for the new battery materials and for the fuel cell catalysts. Toyota research Institute (TRI) is partnered with numerous organizations and companies which includes MIT and Stanford University, who is investing 35$ million into this project. SEE ALSO: Tesla Motors officially changes its name […]