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World class apps to make your workplace happy and productive

Employees’ satisfaction is a key factor affecting the growth of an organization; only if your employees are satisfied and happy, their productivity will be at their best. So, as entrepreneurs, while your business’s success and profit is the key, to be known as a good businessman, you should also pay importance to your employees’ professional […]

8 Killer project management apps to organize tasks

The term Project Management sounds technical where you are required to initiate, plan, execute, control and close the work of a team to achieve a certain goal. With workforce becoming increasingly mobile, project managers also need quick, easy yet powerful project management tools to take care of their tasks and deadlines. With so many software […]

Microsoft GigJam, a “must have” app to hook up and selectively share with others

Well, this is my first experience with GigJam app and as it was first it was really good app and impressed me. This is Office 365 service which recently updates as a closed preview was added, till now this was only available for Windows, Mac and iOS in June 2016 but now it’s finally available […]