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Wechat launches ‘WeChat on the Machine’ for offline payments

WeChat payment launched a new offline payment solution called “WeChat on the machine.” For users who have to pay 550 or more, they can opt for the “WeChat Pay” function whereby they can pay offline for service during the flight. With the launch of “WeChat on the Machine”, WeChat Pay would become the first-ever company […]

A Beginner’s guide to WeChat marketing in 2019

In today’s age, WeChat has become an app that’s too powerful to live without for the people of China. With Tencent opening the platform to advertisers, WeChat advertising is turning into a robust tool for businesses to grow their digital presence in China. Launched in 2011 by Tencent, WeChat started as a primary messaging app. […]

ByteDance launches its first chat application – Flipchat

Bytedance, the parent company of TikTok app has launched a new social app Feiliao/Flipchat on Monday that combines instant message and forum functionalities on iOS and Android. Flipchat is a hybrid that combines instant messaging with those of interest-based forums. Personal interests and hobbies are at the heart of ByteDance’s new application, which encourages users […]

Relay One: An easy platform accepting any form of payments across the globe

Relay is an API for stores to publish their products and for apps to read them which was prior to this difficult. Now Relay brings its latest product in the Relay family – Relay One. It is supposed to be a simple solution for online eCommerce platforms, and independent sites enabling users to accept payment […]

WeChat Pay: A UPI payment app to launch in India soon

WeChat is planning to launch WeChat pay, a UPI payment app in India. The report adds that the Chinese parent of WeChat, Tencent, has partnered with Axis Bank, HDFC and ICICI, and would like to create its own UPI handle. However, in India, the app failed itself. Reports say that Wechat was unable to localize […]

Is ByteDance’s “Duoshan” WeChat’s new competition?

ByteDance which is best known for the app Tik Tok has launched a new service called “Duoshan” in a live-streamed event in Beijing. Duoshan lets its users send short-lived videos, GIFs, and images to each other. “Duoshan” is perfectly capable of giving some serious and tough competition to Tencent Holding Ltd.’s WeChat and indeed many […]

Beijing Blocks WhatsApp In an Attempt To ‘Clean Internet’

Chinese WhatsApp users faced troubles using the popular messaging platform on Tuesday. It is believed that WhatsApp is the latest victim of Beijing’s internet clampdown. WhatsApp, owned by Facebook is one of the few foreign messaging applications which are active in China. Though it is not as popular as WeChatbut is mostly used because of […]

Hike is to launch live-streaming following latest acquisition

Popular messaging app of India, Hike, is likely to be ready to enter the live-streaming field after a recent acquisition. The company, being endorsed by Chinese web giant Tencent, has acquired the Indian live streaming app named Pulse, as reported by Inc42. According to report, the founders of the company, Karthik Vaidyanath, and Prakhar Khanduja, […]