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What is TikTok? Everything social media marketers need to know

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TikTok is becoming very famous in the world; and in the past two years, it has acquired the place in the list of most downloaded apps. It is a platform where people can make some amazing lip-syncing videos, gifs, and screencaps and share them on other social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and youtube.

This was initially operated by Douyin, China. Earlier, it started as a successful video-sharing app, but in 2018, it combined with musical.ly. It was the time when marketers started attracted to this platform and start noticing some business potential in it. But being a new social media marketer, you need to understand TikTok in deep. So have a look!

What is TikTok and Who uses it?

TikTok helps people to make some short videos and show their talent. All the enthusiastic and technically proficient people across the world upload the original content on it. The videos on this platform can be 15 seconds to 60 seconds long.

The average age group of TikTok users is between 13 to 24 years old, i.e. they are teens and tweens. The best part about this platform is that its popularity is growing with time. It is not just about music, it is all about different people showing their talent. A large number of users on this platform are from the USA, India, and China.

Features of TikTok

Here are some features that users can use on this platform

They can create Videos

TikTok users get an opportunity to create some interesting videos and upload them on the app. Also, they can share the respective videos outside the app. And in case any user wants a longer video, i.e. more than 60 seconds, they can simply combine multiple videos from the draft. These options will allow them to upload a video of up to 5 minutes.

They can add music in the video

Music is something that makes the TikTok videos complete. Users can choose any type of song and insert it in the clip they have made. So in this way, they can add a popular song in the video and make it popular on the platform.

They can even co-create content

TikTok offers a feature, known as a duet, where people can nurture engagement on the platform. It helps people to create a video with another creator by splitting the screen in half. Both of the users will get equal space to show their talent.

They can add effects and filters

The best thing about TikTok is that it allows users to edit the videos in the way you want to and add filters and effects to it. Also, you can add text, transitions, stickers and time effects to make it visually appealing.

They can live stream

TikTok also allows its users to live to stream their video, i.e. they can broadcast and communicate with their followers. However, this feature is only obtainable for someone with more than 1,000 followers.

Why TikTok is so popular?

Within 2-3 years, TikTok has become one of the famous and engaging video-making platforms in this world. You can even find numerous celebrities on this platform sharing their videos. And if you look at the numbers itself, then the users on this app is growing rapidly.

And the interesting part is that it has become the third most downloaded app of 2019. So what is making it even more popular? Video free downloads and Viral Challenges.

  1. Video Free-Downloads: TikTok allows its users to download the videos easily and share them on any platform they like. There is nothing to worry about plagiarism, as TikTok gives credit to the original user by displaying their unique username.
  2. Viral Challenges: Viral challenges are loved by TikTok users and brands. Anyone can come up with a challenge and ask anyone to participate in it. Also, anyone who has an interest in it can become a part of that respective challenge.

How can you use TikTok as a social marketing platform?

You can use TikTok for marketing in 3 different ways:

  1. One can create your channel and upload original and relevant videos on it.
  2. You can hire the influencers and ask them to spread content about the product or services.
  3. We can even use TikTok for advertising. There are 4 types of advertising:
  • Brand takeover
  • In-feed Native Video
  • Hashtag Challenge
  • Snapchat-style 2D lens

You can choose the suitable type of advertising for your brand and earn revenue from it.

  1. You can combine all the above-given points and become popular on TikTok.

A few TikTok marketing ideas that can help you out

  1. Launch a Hashtag Challenge: Hashtag challenge is quite easy to implement and will take your brand to the next level. As this platform is creative, you have to choose the most creative or catchy challenge name for your brand or product. There is a feature called the “For You” Page also referred to as #FYP. Getting on this page gives the influencer a big boost in traffic. 
  2. Make sure to keep it relevant to the brand: Then create a video using the hashtag and share it among your followers. They will share the video, make some more videos using the hashtag, and your brand will get popularity. Don’t forget to add a Call-to-action, as it is the most important part of this challenge. 
  3. Work with Influencers: There are some influencers on TikTok with millions of followers. Find them and ask them to promote your brand. They will be a great means of engagement. You simply have to pay them some amount of money and rest will be their work to make your brand, product or service popular.

Is TikTok a good platform for you?

TikTok works on user-generated content and can be a powerful social media marketing tool. The real reason behind it is that almost 1/3rd world population is using this platform and they all will be your audience. So, create some videos, create some challenges, run TikTok ads or hire an influencer. TikTok will work as a great marketing tool and help you earn good revenue.

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