8 New Features Whatsapp Has to Offer to Make It Easier on the Platform

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Is there anyone who resides at home without having WhatsApp on their device? You wouldn’t be asked conjecturable questions like these.

But the answer might not flaunt the audience. Rather it would be in combat for all these times? Why shouldn’t we just get back to times when we never had a glimpse of WhatsApp? Back then, in 2009, two ex yahoo employees were dedicated to bringing off an application that could be the furor of people in the near future.

WhatsApp, an instant messaging app that is now owned by Meta, has few stories to tell, presumably many stories to hide under the curtain. The app evolved so much that even imagination is restricted by the arena.

Been in debt to its seamless interface and the weekly or even we call a daily update it undergoes. To show off the capability of the platform, the app takes off from shore to continent to secure an unblemished place for it. To make the platform even better for users, it introduces new features to get hold of its assets to go over time even though it has no rivalries to face off.

After an acquisition by Meta (formerly known as Facebook) in 2014, WhatsApp has gone through numerous surgeries to become the fastest medium for staying in touch with friends and families. As we all know, you can make audio and video calls through WhatsApp. Many attributes have been rolled out inside the platform to look better in all possible ways.

Let’s see what the new features WhatsApp has to offer:

1. WhatsApp Privacy Features

On 9 August, Meta CEO Zuckerberg undisclosed that WhatsApp is gonna get a new chunk of enhanced privacy features.

privacy update on whatsapp
Image credit: WhatsApp Blog

Thus, it would keep the platform as safe as ever before. It should bolster the platform a little. Aren’t you sure about the features? Let’s find out if it is a devilish initiative from Meta.

2. Screenshot Blocking

Let’s start with a clang on the floor. We have been introduced to the “View once” message feature. This is the most exciting yet sublime add on the platform but with a big loophole on the back.

The addition of WhatsApp Screenshot Blocking would bring off a hefty change alongside steel to weld the flaw. View Once messages are temporary messages with images that might not be available for the receiving person to see the image for a second time. But, users had other ideas to break the hurdle for a lifetime; they simply took a screenshot of view once the message and walked over as a prodigy hacker on down the street. What comes now provides strength to the feature.

screenshort blocked
Image credit: WABetaInfo

The WhatsApp screenshot Blocking feature will blackout a screenshot attempt and pop out a message saying, “Screenshot was blocked for added privacy.” This feature plays a vital role for users since View Once messages are useless if the receiver of the message just screenshots the photo and saves it on their gallery.

3. Invisible Existence

Yet another additional WhatsApp feature besides screenshot Blocking is the ability to check the potential of your online status. The new ability lets you choose who can see you when you’re online.

This particular feature called Invisible Existence was spotted long ago, and it allows users to choose betwixt contacts, everyone, and nobody.

4. Avoid sending off quotes

Alongside the WhatsApp screenshot blocking feature, here comes the one which lets users depart from a group without luring out others. Previously, a pop-up notification would be sent to group members if anyone left the group.

But, now only the group admin will be able to see that you’ve hit the exit button. This could be your essential tool if you want to steer clear of unwanted conversations.

5. Group Admins Can Delete Any Message for Everyone

As we all know, WhatsApp has been over-ornated with its group chat features. The newest feature among its old members focuses on assisting group admins to maintain an interesting conversation. WhatsApp Group admin who is responsible for its participants can now delete any recent messages from a group chat in which they are bestowed as an admin given the new “delete for everyone” option in the delete menu.

admin delete messages
Image credit: WABetaInfo

When a particular message is deleted for everyone in the group, group participants who haven’t got any clue about the thread can know that an admin of this group who finds the message is vulnerable to the community removed the message.

6. Transfer chat history from Android to iOS

Through the years, there’s been a huge confrontation betwixt Android and iOS even though they share nothing in common, but the face-off goes on as time flies by. But, the new feature from WhatsApp lets both systems strike a bargain on the terms.

The new WhatsApp feature update comes under the version up to 22.17.77. This update ensures the incredible ability to easily transport the chat history from Android devices to iOS within the official changelog. This might help you in difficult times when you ponder about changing the device but entirely lament about the data you would lose if you hold an iPhone in your hand.

7. WhatsApp new bug report section

How come you didn’t come across the irksome bug in the platform, none of the users haven’t seen the seamless platform yet; it doesn’t mean that the platform is plagued but imagine a social media platform with billions of active users who run off like a toddler in the single stretch on a sunny day.

The new feature from what’s allows its users to report a bug in a dedicated Tab. In an existing WhatsApp feature, you can repair bugs by entering the WhatsApp Support and then the “contact us” option. This process won’t lend you more time. However, WhatsApp is currently working to build a new sermon where you can report a bug without entering into multiple sections. A new row will be mounted inside the platform for bug reporting, dubbed the “Report a bug” tab.

8. WhatsApp number visibility

You might have discerned the feature as the name suggests how it could come around.

The Meta-owned WhatsApp feature allows users to make their phone numbers visible on the Desktop beta. If the features come to life, it will not only make the phone number visible, but it will also allow users to approach businesses through a click-to WhatsApp ad demanding their phone number with them and displaying the WhatsApp phone number within a business chat.

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