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Instagram introduces All-New Search and Explore feature in version 7.0

Jun 24, 2015, 12:47 am

Instagram has released version 7.0 for iOS and Android users with two major updates. In a blog post, the photo-sharing site said with the latest version users will get new Explore page showcased with trending Tags and Places. Additionally, the users will be able to find people, places and favorite tags in a much simpler way than before with the latest ‘powerful’ search options.

This is a major update in Instagram Explore page allows you to find your preferred location, people and places easily in real-time. You will get updates of trending events on the top of your Explore page connecting you to events and conversations both near you and around the globe.

Instagram Version 7.0 updates will also feature trending tags and places in your account- giving you to never miss your favorite events. In addition, at the top of the Instagram Explore page, you will find a new section- a new curated collection that will be updated regularly. Here you will find your favorite musicians, sportsperson, stunning architecture or even beautiful beaches- a place of rich visual images you are looking for.

Instagram Search feature

Instagram has also improved its search feature- now you can set any location on the earth that can be added to your photos. With the new Instagram search feature, you will be able to find people, your favorite destination or trending tags all at once.

The new release has rolled out starting from today for the Instagram users in the US only and to be available for the worldwide users in the coming days.

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