8 Different ways you can use social media to promote your products

Social media is a game changer which allows businesses to deal directly with their target customer. Social media marketing is very cost-effective and it gives your brand the opportunity to reach millions of active users online. This makes it a very effective tool you can use to promote your products online. With social media, you […]

LinkedIn gets a new update for Instant Job reminders and hiring

LinkedIn , the largest professional social network in the world, with a presence in more than 200 countries and more than 630 million users, of which more than 13 million are Mexicans, conducted a survey among more than 5,000 people in 35 countries in which it identified The four main challenges of companies in their fight […]

Blocking social networks in Sri Lanka raises fear about freedom of expression

The decision of the Sri Lankan government to block social networks after Sunday’s deadly attacks highlighted growing distrust of online platforms, although critics say the measure not only restricts abusive content but also affects the flow of information. The restrictions in Sri Lanka come amid the growing frustration of governments around the world for the […]

YouTube Originals will be free very soon – with ads

YouTube renewed its own production series, Cobra Kai, for the third season, and the first two, already available in its payment service, YouTube Premium, will be available for free this fall. The digital platform owned by Google unveiled during an event aimed at advertisers and later in a statement sent to the press by mail, […]

LinkedIn bolstered its app with the launch of new ‘Teammates’ option

LinkedIn Tuesday introduced a new way for its members to express gratitude to their co-workers and colleagues. LinkedIn is adding a new option called ‘Teammates,’ which will now enable users to prioritize their updates from their immediate connections and have them appear higher in their feeds. According to the social network, 60% of users are […]

Facebook slowly rolling out a dedicated News Tab on its platform

Facebook has been working on the creation of a news page on its platform, with the aim of financially supporting high quality and reliable journalism, said its founder Mark Zuckerberg on Monday. Reports are that the social media platform is allegedly rolling out a dedicated Facebook News Tab (now in beta) for interested users. The […]

Social media like Facebook and others urged to axe ‘like’ button for UK child safety

Social media firms like Facebook, Instagram and others are forced to turn off their like button to ameliorate internet safety for the children in the UK. Removing the like button, and limiting data collection and geolocation tools on social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram, are among a 16-point list of recommendations for age-appropriate design […]

Facebook attempts to combat hate, bans white nationalism, white separatist content

In a move to promote equality among all its users, Facebook has taken a move to disallow praise, support and other related representations of white nationalism and white separatism on Facebook and Instagram, which are especially linked with organized hate groups on social networking sites. Our policies have long prohibited hateful treatment of people based […]

Firms in New Zealand pulls Ads from Facebook, Google after Christchurch shootings

A collective of New Zealand’s most prominent companies is set to pull ads from Facebook and Google after a gunman live-streamed his massacre of 50 people at two Christchurch mosques. The night of the massacre, the shooter Australian Brenton Tarrant streamed a 17-minute video depicting his shooting rampage in real time to Facebook, with the […]

Christchurch shooting, New Zealand: Social media giants to scrub video spreads

New Zealand just witnessed its one of the most horror nights. An unprecedented attack that has shocked the second most peaceful nation in the world. At least 49 people have been killed and 20 seriously injured after gunmen opened fire in two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch. The shooter has also streamed […]

15 Magical secrets to enhance your Social Media Engagement

You have done everything for your website and are ready to promote it on the internet. You are ready with the social media pages, profiles, profile pictures, beautiful cover photos, brilliant reviews and a bunch of new likes. This is amazing. It is really good that you are getting engaged with people and are making […]

5 Social Media trends that will be more important than ever

The end (or the beginning) of every year can be an excellent chance to look back on the past and think about the future. A new year represents an opportunity to rethink and to reassess your work and your performance. It’s an opportunity to think about what you have been doing right and think about […]