Apple iPhone 7 might have SanDisk 256GB flash storage

iPhone 7 Chip

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Ahead of Apple’s grand release of iPhone 7 in September we might guess what would be the storage capacity of upcoming phone. There was one rumor at the turn of the year that Apple is planning to bring iPhone 7 model that offers a big 256GB flash storage in it.

Some pictures released by the Italian website HdBlog hints that, Silicon Valley tech giant may welcome 256GB SanDisk NAND memory for the future iPhone 7, much like the chips present on current Apple products. Besides, Hynix, Samsung and Toshiba, SanDisk provides flash memory for Apple products like iPhone, iPad and Mac and the company was responsible for 20% of order for iPhone 6, probably may become the leading supplier for iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 SanDisk

This is not the first time Apple has planned to use flash memory made by other vendors – previous iPhone models including iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus has used SanDisk flash memory chips. If the rumors are to be believed, Apple might use same cut for iPad Air Pro and iPad 3 in the future.

Though there is not any official announcement on this development, we may assume that iPhone 7 will be 1mm thinner than the earlier device. As SanDisk 256 GB flash memory is smaller compared to SanDisk 64GB chip it is possible Apple might bring a larger 3,100 mAh battery for its users.

We are not sure yet if Apple will be bringing 16 GB iPhone 7 plus will still have 16GB base storage or it will offer consumers access to 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB models. In future, if that happens we can assume that Apple would consider the existing pricing strategy to ensure that devices are affordable for as many people as possible.

Source: HdBlog

Feature Image: HdBlog

Apple iPhone 7 might have SanDisk 256GB flash storage