LinkedIn introduces Training Finder for job seekers to acquire new skills

Mar 19, 2016, 6:36 pm

Sneha K.

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Over the years LinkedIn has grown from social networking site for professionals to a key medium in global workforce. The largest professional site in the world has launched Training Finder, a new product to provide job seekers with not only their required jobs but also new programs to enrich their skills.

LinkedIn’s Vice President of Product Management Allen Blue in a blog post announces, “Training Finder for now will be available in Phoenix and Colorado having high school diploma or no college as they want to advance their career in their current field, or get a new job in different field.”

The platform allows employers to seek jobs based on the relevant skills, on the other hand it lets high school students and diploma holders to find suitable training program for enrollment. Job seekers can also take guide from career advisors and industry experts for their future career path.

LinkedIn has around 400 million users worldwide and in last two years the number has grown significantly. The social media platform has been building the world’s first Economic Graph — a digital map of the global economy that includes every member of the global workforce and their skills, all open jobs, all employers, and all educational institutions.

The blog post further writes, Training Finder “provides training programs are affiliated with employers, whether or not they are accredited, programs employment rate, cost, duration; the skills the program will teach them; the jobs they will be qualified for when they complete the program; and the estimated salary.”

The company has tied-up with Skillful, an initiative Markle Foundation that focuses on medium skilled jobseekers with an aim to redefine labor market. The platform provides a network of online tools and in-person support for exploring career options, find job listings, get interview tips and connect with co-workers.

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