Google introduces Spaces a new app for small group sharing

Google Spaces

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Social space is still very ambitious medium for technology companies. Despite its failures with Google+, the search engine giant has introduced a new interesting app called “Spaces” which can better be called a tool for simplified group sharing of news, videos and images with people of similar interests.

The new app lets you to view all shared contents in the conversational view without missing a beat. A feature Quick search or activity tab allows viewing recent posts whether it is articles, videos, comments or even images.



This can be a tough competitor to popular messaging platform like Messenger; WhatsApp since these apps do not provide deeper integration for sharing content.  On the other hand using Spaces, users can discover contents through its built-in Chrome, YouTube and web without leaving the app.

Not only that,  users now no more have to go on hopping from one app to another for sharing, copying and pasting something, it all comes in one app. You can also have conversations around that content in a group chat-like interface. Each space shows avatar bubbles of current participants that you can customize the view of app by changing colors and cover images with your choice. Since it has a Chrome extension, a popular feature in Pinterest and Space options a feature in FlipBoard – the new app is a combination of content, images and videos messaging platform.



You can create a space with just one tap for any topic and also invite your via messaging, email, social network or something other. If you want to create your Space account simply visit

Last year we’ve reported that Google is secretly working on a new social platform and it is not clear yet what Google plans do with its new social sharing app. Google is experimenting with Spaces this week at Google I/O for developers to connect with each other and Googlers around topics at I/O. You can try your first Space as the app is available at Google Play for Android, Apple Store for iOS devices, desktop and web for with your Gmail account.


Source: Google Blog

Image Credit: Google Blog

Google introduces Spaces a new app for small group sharing