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Facebook forces users to install its photo-sharing Moments App

Jun 11, 2016, 12:32 pm

You probably forgot that pictures in your smartphone have synced privately in Facebook photo album and the social media site will delete those photos if you don’t install Moments App or backup photos by the end of July 7. This is the second move from the company, since we reported last week the company is planning to disable messaging feature in mobile web app to force people use Messenger platform.

Facebook is using notifications to aware the users so that they can download photos before deadline and more details can also be viewed from the Synced album’s page on Facebook.

Back in 2012, Facebook launched auto photo-sync feature in iOS devices and three years later the social giant has introduced standalone Moments App in iOS and Android platform to allow users share their captured moments with their friends. The feature could sync your photos from your smartphone to Facebook cloud storage privately so that later on users can share them easily without uploading photos every time.


The move from the social media site has resulted increased number of downloads and that has led Moments App the number one app in the App Store according a TechCrunch Report. The company has also started emailing to the users letting them know to download the app but they will be affected who has used the feature accidentally and have not received any email or notification yet.

This is not the first time Facebook is forcing users to download app – in 2014, it has stopped chat facility in the main app and pushed the users to install Messenger and in coming days messaging feature will be disabled in mobile web app. Users are disgusted with move and some has already shown their anger social platform for forcing them to install another app in their mobile phone. If you don’t want to install just another app back up your synced photos before it is too late.

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