Twitter launches 262 Rio2016 emojis ahead of Olympic Games

Rio2016 Emojis

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The biggest sports event of this globe is just ahead some couple of hours. Since millions of fans across globe will cheer for their favorite county social media sites are taking the moment to bring live updates for their users. Following the games Twitter is launching a total 262 emoji for the Olympics game lovers.

Total 208 of total emojis are team flags that can be activated using hashtag with three-letter country codes. The remaining 54 of them used for either sports or Olympics-related symbols.

olympic twitter country

WhatsApp has added new emoji and it is available in their Web App. This will also come with latest 2.16.7 of WhatsApp version on both android and iOS. You can find out Rio2016 emojis on web or android under soccer ball submenu of your emoji list.

The micro-blogging site has listed the entire list of emojis on their website. Here is the first-hand look of new added Rio2016 emojis:

twitter rio emojis

The other big bit of news is the introduction of country-specific moments. You can choose session Rio 2016 in moments tab to get news on particular teams you are interested in.

Furthermore, Twitter is letting users to consume video moments of the game through Periscope featured channel. Periscope will contain information about Olympic and will be highlighted in Vine’s Explore section. After click on Vine from @Olympics or individual team accounts you will see an Olympic flame instead of the usual heart.

Finally, if you want to stay connected with the Olympics conversation on Twitter follow the official hashtag #Rio2016. You can also follow these official accounts: @Olympics, @OlympicFlame, @Rio2016  & @Rio2016_en to get live experience right on your Twitter account.

Source: Twitter

Twitter launches 262 Rio2016 emojis ahead of Olympic Games