Apple is reportedly developing social video sharing app for launch in 2017

Aug 26, 2016, 4:35 am

Ankita P.

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Ahead of iPhone 7 launch next month Apple is in the news for its next venture. The Cupertino based technology giant is planning to launch a video sharing and editing application for its iPhone and iPad. This plan’s main moto is to integrate the social networking applications within its mobile products. Apple’s enter into the new arena is a response to the success of social media-focused companies such as, Facebook and Snapchat according to some people familiar with the matter.

In last quarter Apple’s device business has slowed sown significant which is a “pressing issue” for the company. Since more players emerged in Silicon Valleys as a service provider rather than concentrating on Hardware business – Apple is thinking in the same way. Company’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook, eyeing services by the company, like the same way it generates revenue through the App Store and iCloud storage.

Earlier in 2010, Apple has failed to successfully launch its iTunes-focused social network called Ping, as well as any another social-media services also. But now as the Snapchat and Facebook’s Instagram and Messenger apps goes on atop, Apple is seeking to create more features which will going to be much more relevant markedly for the younger users.

It is a very usual thing we all know that now-a-days people spend lot of time with the apps. So as per the information from the other sources, Facebook’s mobile users are on its News Feed, Instagram and Messenger an average of 50 minutes a day, while Snapchat’s 150 million daily active user’s spend an average of 30 minutes per day with the photo and video-sharing app of the top 10 free third party iPhone apps in the App Store.

This upcoming update will run on recent iPhone and iPad models. Apple’s updated iMessage, announced in June, will include animated effects like ballons and fireworks to illustrate text messages, an App Store with plug-ins for sending animated images and stickers, and many more tools to draw on top of photos and videos as well.

Now Apple is going to start a new application, that is for Video Sharing, which will allow the users to record video, apply filters and drawing over the media. This software is designed with the intention that the video can be edited, shot and uploaded in less than 1 minute.

The new growing generation with Snapchat and Instagram will like this software because it provides most features similar to those one. All this information is provided by a person from Apple but very secretly because plans are private.

As per the statement provided by a company employee, this product will be going to be under development by Mr. Joe Weil, the former president of a New-York based video production company. There is a video blogging app named KnowMe is also co-developed by Mr. Joe, as per the information collected from his LinkedIn profile.

Apple said that if this project will meet company’s all timetables and expectations then only it will be released in market- might launch in 2017.

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