The fight of the year in the smartphone arena has commenced.

iPhone 7 Plus VS Galaxy S7

Who wins? It’s yet to be decided. Factors such as market sales, cost of production, reviews and the like all define the final verdict as to which among the two takes home the crown.

As early as now, however, we are already hearing reviews from actual buyers who have firsthand experience on the features that the devices are capable of. While both items have unquestionably superior functions in their own way, the approach that they are making in terms of marketing and advertising their goods spell a significant difference in their sales performance. Have a quick look.

Style VS Specs

Both of the company’s most recent product releases – Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung’s Galaxy S7 – has undeniably stolen the spotlights on the respective days when they were released.

While Samsung is banking on the device’s superior power, function and storage, Apple has been consistent in taking pride in their device’s style. Seeing how both companies received their dose of positive and negative reviews from users and experts, it is not a question of whether or not they sell.

However, with the unfortunate issue of Samsung Galaxy’s reported product recall, Apple seemed to have taken the winning crown for this year’s battle. It is appropriate to mention though that this win is not just a product of the battery issue S7 has.

Apple invested a lot in their device’s style, and avid users love it. The sleek and classy look that it sports was brilliantly incorporated in their advertisement and promotional materials that it’s no longer a surprise why style-savvy individuals prefer having it.

User experience VS Function

Accompanying the attractive style and packaging is the superb user experience that the new Apple product has. This is not to say that S7 doesn’t appear good. In fact, it does. But rather than focusing their promotion on the superb ‘function’ part, Apple has chosen to reiterate the value of the top-class user experience that the iPhone 7 has.

By excellent user experience, we don’t mean basic. It means that they are able to incorporate all of the advanced features their new product has in a highly convenient way that fits their market’s preference.

As simple as how this strategy seems, it works. More importantly, it has successfully stuck to Apple’s identity which spells something like the design is how it works.

Avid users VS Newcomers

This is no longer new. Apple’s advertising has always been on top of the game. But while they are attracting new users to join them, the company does not forget to always give value to their avid, existing customers. Apple creates a message fit for this current market while at the same time enticing new ones to join the select few who have already joined their clique.

Samsung, as an established brand, has long been considered as a prolific producer of smartphone variety. Their S7 is geared to their current customers but also to users who are looking for a phablet with superb function and storage that their current phone is not capable of giving.

Overall, the targeting approach is doing well for both companies. It’s just a matter of time before we know who officially succeeds.


There are pros and cons to both products and at the end of the day, the user’s preference is all that matters. However, it is undeniable how the sales and recognition received by each device are widely affected by the quality of exposure they get on various media platforms.

The company’s strategy when it comes to shaping the message they want to accompany the materials has the potential of propelling it on top of the competition. In the comparison we have above, it is quite visible how the two smartphone giants differ in terms of their marketing and communication strategies.

Yes, both might be targeting individuals belonging to the same profile, but the messaging from both is unique.

What is your personal take on this? Does Apple’s appeal to emotion win over Samsung’s claim to supremacy?

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