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Tinderface allows you to easily stalk your Facebook friends on Tinder

Oct 2, 2016, 2:25 pm

Stalking online friends online is very common now-a-days. We can easily view people’s Facebook and Instagram profile and they won’t know, unless we like or comment on their photos or posts.

Tinder is somewhat different than most social media apps because it’s used for dating. Many people wouldn’t be comfortable with their friends seeing their dating profile, since they might be sharing personal information and embarrassing photos. But now you can see their profile without them knowing, Tinderface allows you to easily stalk your Facebook friends on Tinder.

How does It work:-

Tinderface uses Tinder’s private API to retrieve information that the Tinder client already receives and uses it to present a UI for the user to interact with. The Tinder profile on Tinderface will show the user’s biography, photos, distance away, and most interestingly also tells that when they were last active, which was actually not there in Tinder app, but their API still sends the timestamp.

Using this app you can only see the Tinder profiles of your Facebook friends who have explicitly opted-in to Tinder Social.

According to a source,

“Tinderface does not save any information about you. We simply use your Facebook Access Token to fetch your Tinder authentication token so that we can automate API requests. We do not save your Facebook or Tinder tokens. You can view the source on GitHub and run the app yourself if you’re paranoid.”

Moreover, the information from a source says that this app isn’t the first method to exploit this user privacy vulnerability. Alex Garcia, a software engineer wrote a more detailed blog post on Medium about the vulnerability and even emailed Tinder beforehand, but they didn’t seem to care. Tinder told Alex that the information that exposes your Facebook friends.

Tinder user ids is a feature of Tinder Social, and not a bug. Alex also wrote a Python app called Tinder Detective which basically does what Tinderface does.

When Tinder users realize their friends can see their profile, “Tindergate” (as per the author’s prediction) the scandal will be called, will go viral, or users will contact Tinder and express their discontent.

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