5 Local Tips For Local Businesses Wanting To Improve Local SEO

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Robert White
Robert White
Robert White is a writer and SEO expert working atMRS Digital, a digital marketing agency helping companies improve their online presence.

If your operation is able to take advantage of local business, your SEO can be optimized to give you a serious edge over your competitors.

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Picture the scene: You run a local taxi company and I need a taxi. I hit up Google for “Taxis in Church Crookham” and I find your business, right there, right at the top of the page. How did you get there? Because you’ve nailed your local SEO. How do you nail local SEO? You read this blog and took its lessons to heart.

Put Your Business Listings In Local Directories

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The internet is full of local listings sites, like the Yellow Pages, only online. Google trusts the credible listings sites and returns local searches with local businesses. Take the time to find as many of these sites as you can and make sure your business is in them, just like you would with the local paper.

Hone Your Content Marketing and Keywords

You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king”. This phrase is still true today and is becoming more central to Google’s search algorithms. Good content makes your website more credible and boosts your SEO in general. By targeting your content around your location and using location keywords you will further hone your website, making it easier for Google to know where you are and put you in front of your customers.

Optimize Your Business’ Information

This is not as important for brand new start-ups, but if your business has ever moved, you need to make sure that your business contact information is correct. You’ll be surprised where your address can be found both on your website, other people’s sites and even on social media. Any contradictions or errors will have a negative effect on your local listings.

Engage in Your Local Community

This applies to both online and offline. By supporting local community activities Night, you naturally get your name out there. Making local connections makes it easier to collaborate online and share content. Sharing local content with other local businesses online creates links that further help Google understand where you operate and who your business helps.

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Finally, engage in online communities, particularly on social media. Community hubs are full of potential customers who can help you stimulate a buzz about your biz.

Encourage Online Reviews

If you have satisfied customers, shout about it! There are plenty of ways to encourage customers to leave a review on Google about your business. When they leave a review, they say where your operation is based, helping Google know where you are. And the more people there are talking positively about your business, the more Google trusts you and the more likely you are to appear at the top of the search rankings for local searches.

These are just a few ways of helping you nail your local SEO. The key thing to remember is that Google doesn’t know where you live, so you need to make sure that as much of your online activity as possible reminds them of where you are.

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